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Towards the “new”, Nanjing’s industrial growth “multi-point flowering”

multi-point flowering

The communications industry is intelligent

New energy shows resilience

The intelligent manufacturing industry stands up as a hard backbone


With the in-depth promotion of Nanjing’s implementation of the strategy of strengthening the city through industry, Nanjing is moving towards the “new”, comprehensively tapping the potential and cultivating new growth points of the industrial economy, accelerating the transformation to high-end, intelligent and green, improving innovation capabilities, climbing the industrial energy level, and promoting the rapid gathering of new quality productivity in the land of Jinling.

Walking into the module workshop of Nanjing Xinwangda New Energy Co., Ltd., located in Lishui Economic Development Zone, workers are methodically producing electric vehicle battery modules. Today, these mods will be sold all over the world.

Since the beginning of this year, in order to make the “new growth” sound on the ground, Sunwoda has deeply excavated customer needs and won new orders on the basis of customers’ original orders; On the one hand, we actively explore potential new customers and obtain new growth points.

Liu Zhiwei, director of the company’s government affairs and development department, said that in order to adapt to the “new growth” demand and ensure production capacity, from April to May this year, the company transferred about 200 experienced employees from other bases of Sunwoda Power to support Nanjing, ensuring quality, quantity and progress for “new growth”.

In the glass bonding intelligent workshop of Nanjing Kangni Electromechanical Co., Ltd., the machine is automatically gluing the glass, which is an “unmanned chemical factory” of Kangni Electromechanical. In recent years, Kangni Electromechanical has gradually promoted the work of “intelligent transformation and digital transformation to networking”, and a large number of intelligent equipment has been introduced into intelligent factories to realize the “machine substitution” of key processes, and the automation rate of intelligent equipment has reached more than 72%, and at the same time, the digital management platform of the whole value chain has been built to promote the increase of production efficiency by more than 50%. At present, Kangni Electromechanical has become a national intelligent manufacturing demonstration factory. According to the relevant person in charge of the company, driven by intelligent manufacturing, in the first quarter of 2024, the company achieved operating income of 725 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 19.42%; The net profit was 44.5986 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 34.05%.

In addition to the dazzling data, Kangni Electromechanical also has many points worth mentioning:

For example, the national standard GB/T 30489-2024 “Passenger Compartment Side Door of Urban Rail Vehicles”, revised by Kangni Electromechanical, was approved and released and will be implemented on October 1, 2024;

It has obtained the Level 3 certificate of “Innovation and Intellectual Property Management Capability”, which is the first certificate in Jiangsu Province and the third level 3 certificate in China, marking a new level of innovation and intellectual property management level of Kangni Electromechanical……

All these have laid a solid foundation for the “new growth” of Kangni Electromechanical.

In the process of moving towards the “new”, ZTE Intelligent Technology Nanjing Co., Ltd. is also moving forward bravely. At present, the wave of digitalization and intelligence is sweeping the world at an unprecedented speed, computing power has become the core productivity, and data has become the core factor of production.

It is reported that at present, ZTE has incubated large models and applications in R&D, communications, industry, enterprise, water conservancy and other fields based on the Nebula large model, and has been practiced in industrial manufacturing, urban rail, emergency and power scenarios. At the 2024 ZTE Cloud-Network Ecological Summit held in April this year, ZTE released more than 10 innovative products such as intelligent computing servers, training and pushing all-in-one machines, and self-developed serialized network cards, covering four major areas: underlying computing network, middle-level platform, upper-layer application and industry terminal, which not only realize its own industrial upgrading at multiple points, but also help the intelligent transformation and upgrading of the industry.

To consolidate the chassis of the manufacturing industry and build a solid foundation for the development of the real economy, Nanjing has always been an important piece of Jiangsu’s industrial map. Whether it is Xinwangda, Kangni Electromechanical, or ZTE Intelligent Technology, they are not only a typical example of the new growth point of Nanjing’s industrial economy, but also the epitome of the new growth point of Nanjing’s industrial economy.

As of the end of May, there were 406 industrial growth points in the city, with an increase of 106 billion yuan in output value. From January to May, the city’s growth points completed a total output value increase of 54.5 billion yuan, reaching 54.5% of the annual target.

Industry is the “main engine” and “ballast stone” of the national economy, and a stable industry leads to a stable economy. Next, the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology will continue to be a good “shopkeeper”, play a good “service card”, and help enterprises “accelerate running” in promoting enterprises to stabilize production, increase production and expand production, promote the commissioning of key projects to achieve results, and promote the implementation of attracting projects.

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