Tiger and Tech is a startup incubation link platform that helps startups grow rapidly.

business incubation

We have many years of business Development experience.

Tiger and Tech can provide you with a lot of help to accelerate the growth of your business。

Capital Investment 90%
Industry Resources 90%
Talent Recruitment 80%
Office Space 70%

We understand all issues in the business Development process

Business development, like nurturing life, requires patience, care, and wisdom. Successful incubation is to allow the flowers of innovation to bloom in fertile soil.

Another common problem faced by entrepreneurs during development is the formulation of marketing and sales strategies. Many founders struggle with attracting target customers, building brand awareness, and achieving sales growth after product launch. Furthermore, establishing partnerships with suppliers and collaborators is another challenge that needs to be addressed, as strong collaborations are crucial for the success of an enterprise.

However, Tech and Tech, as a technology-focused enterprise development platform, can assist entrepreneurs in overcoming these challenges. We have extensive experience in market promotion and sales, enabling us to help businesses develop effective marketing strategies, increase brand exposure, and attract more target customers. Simultaneously, we have established close partnerships with various suppliers and collaborators, providing entrepreneurs with supply chain management and business expansion support to help them achieve sales growth and business expansion.

What We Do

What we can offer

Basic services

Tiger and Tech provides you with professional services such as policy consultation, registration, taxation and declaration.

Talent supply and demand

Tiger and Tech accurately matches employment needs and promotes the connection between talent supply and demand.

Factory building

Tiger and Tech links domestic parks and factories for you and quickly matches production carriers that meet the requirements.

legal support

Tiger and Tech recommends a legal advisory team that professionally serves foreign-invested enterprises.

Market Development

Tiger and Tech provides you with the vast Chinese market by industry division.

Industry Association

Tiger and Tech connects you with industry associations, leading companies and scientific research platforms.

Graphic design - Design

An accelerator for your business development, helping you to quickly integrate into the Lishui economy.


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