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Business Incubation

Provide financial and operational assistance to start-ups

Shared Office Space

Provide a comfortable office environment for workers

Investment promotion

Attract foreign companies to settle in and enhance regional development

Global Cooperation

Form a cross-border bridge to link global enterprises to promote development

About us

Comprehensive enterprise operation planning services.

Tiger and Tech provides comprehensive service support to global enterprises. Help enterprises develop rapidly.

Why choose us

We Work With You, We Must Know You.

Years of industry experience help us understand many customer needs and provide perfect solutions as soon as possible. Believe us, we are the best partner to help you solve your company’s operational problems.

We can provide you with comprehensive services in many aspects.
our services

We guide companies on development to achieve their goals.

Strategic Advisory

Precision planning for businesses to achieve their defined objectives.

Market Analysis

In-depth insights for informed decision-making and market positioning.

Customized Solutions

Tailored strategies ensuring unique needs met for sustainable growth.

Financial Optimization

Maximize profitability, manage costs effectively for financial excellence.

Innovation Integration

Leading-edge technology integration for sustained competitiveness.

Talent Development

Cultivate high-performing teams through strategic recruitment and development.

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A portfolio tailored to your every need

Tiger and Tech provides business incubation, office space, startup resources and supply chain matching services.

Enterprise Resources

Establish Contact

Supply Chain Matching

Improve Efficiency

Business Incubation

Corporate Growth

shared office spaces

Flexible Plans

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An accelerator for your business development, helping you to quickly integrate into the Lishui economy.


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