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Tiger and Tech is your one-stop shop for business operations support. Accelerate your business growth.

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Our Services

Taking you closer to your goals.

Tiger and Tech knows that business development is not easy. Therefore, we hope to help enterprises adapt to local development more quickly and integrate into the local economy.

Our Services

Entrepreneurial success Isn’t just a slogan

We offer a full range of services to businesses looking to start a business in Lishui in order to help you start a successful business.

Business Incubation

Provide financial and operational assistance to start-ups

Shared Office Space

Provide a comfortable office environment for workers

Investment Promotion

Attract foreign companies to settle in and enhance regional development

Global Cooperation

Form a cross-border bridge to link global enterprises to promote development

Startup roadmap

Book your complimentary counselling

Tiger and Tech offer a free counseling service to provide you with professional advice and guidance.Whether you are facing any problems or challenges.

Startup roadmap

Gathering information about your industry Roadmap

Help you understand the development trends and future directions of your industry by collecting and analyzing relevant roadmap information.

Startup roadmap

Gain Clarity on Your Developmental Goals

Through in-depth communication and discussion, assist you in clarifying your personal development goals and creating corresponding plans and strategies.

Graphic design - Design

An accelerator for your business development, helping you to quickly integrate into the Lishui economy.


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