Tiger and Tech works with many organisations. Provide resource referral services. Accelerated business development.

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Breaking down information barriers, linking businesses, and synergising.

Tiger and Tech integrates corporate resources to provide high quality service providers.

Manufacturing Leader 90%
Research Institute Partnerships 90%
Foreign Enterprise Partnerships 80%
Industry Association Collaborations 70%
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Our Advantages

Manufacturing Leader

We are dedicated to finding suitable upstream and downstream resources for new technologies and products, assisting startups in achieving their business transformation goals, and establishing mutually beneficial cooperation between both parties.

Research Institute Partnerships

We have established partnerships with various academic institutions and research institutes, providing matching collaboration services to help transform research and development outcomes into tangible results.

Foreign Enterprise Partnerships

We maintain close contact with domestic and foreign foreign-invested enterprises, establishing strong collaborative relationships across multiple levels and domains.

Industry Association Collaborations

We actively engage in communication and cooperation with international industry associations, serving as a bridge for domestic and foreign companies to collaborate and work together.

Consulting Company Partnerships

We offer a wide range of consulting services to various types of enterprises, including project applications, legal affairs, taxation, upstream and downstream markets, and more.

Investment Institution Partnerships

By collaborating with multiple investment institutions, we provide financing services to support the growth and funding needs of enterprises.

Labor Service Company Partnerships

In partnership with labor service companies, we match suitable professional talents to meet the human resource requirements of enterprises.

Startup Mentor Partnerships

We invite professional mentor teams from various fields to provide specialized guidance throughout the entire entrepreneurial journey, helping businesses overcome challenges and achieve success.

More Co-operation

Tiger and Tech is always exploring ways to enrich our network of partnerships with more great companies.

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We work closely with these companies

Jiangsu Paifik space decoration design Co., LTD

Nanjing Wile Home Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Nanjing Megaomei New Materials Co., Ltd

Guangming Group Nanjing Jinzhou Furniture Co., Ltd

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