Tiger and Tech is a company with many years of experience in business incubation. Boosting the development of startups.

About us

We are the bridge between home and abroad.

Tiger and Tech is a service provider with a wealth of experience in business operations services, and our years of experience in the industry have allowed us to accumulate a wealth of business resources.

We can provide you with rich supply chain resources, and we can also help you take root and develop in Lishui, Nanjing and integrate into the Chinese economy.


10 Years

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Keeping abreast of local policies

What we do

we set out to create a solution just for you

Want to enjoy China’s growth potential? Tiger and Tech can help you integrate quickly.

capital investment

We work with a number of investment organisations

Industry Analyses

We have local industry developments

Policy analysis

A quick look at local development benefits

Resource coordination

Integrating Regional Resources and Accelerating Development

Graphic design - Design

An accelerator for your business development, helping you to quickly integrate into the Lishui economy.


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