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P9S GPS video terminal

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Equipped with a high-performance image processing chip and LINUX system, the P9S GPS video terminal has intelligent
operation and maintenance functions such as real-time tracking, remote parameter query and setting. The cost-effective
intelligent vehicle terminal integrating GPS, video monitoring, and AI intelligent algorithms can be extensively applied to
the industries including freight, transport of hazardous goods, passenger transport, environmental sanitation, and school

AI algorithm functions

ADAS warning: FCW, short distance, LDW, and PCW;
DMS warning: Fatigue monitoring, smoking monitoring, careless driving, calling monitoring, and
unusual driver’s conditions;
BSD warning: BS pedestrian monitoring, BS scooter monitoring, and BS motorcycle monitoring;

Audio, video functions

Voice communication/monitoring, video preview/storage, video
replay/download, and TTS voice broadcasting;

Basic positioning functions

Speeding alarm, fatigue alarm, undervoltage alarm, power loss alarm, photo capture,
multi-center uploading, position tracking, track replay, inflection point compensation,
assistant positioning, and mileage statistics.

Operating system: Linux system
Network communication: 4G all-network mode
Positioning: Beidou + GPS
Video channel: 4X720P
Storage: SD card/HDD
Expanded interface:
Antenna:Dual external
Power adaptor:
Video coding & decoding:
Audio coding & decoding:
Video storage:Loop overwrite
Upgrade mode:Remote OTA
Executive standard:19056/794/808/1076/115
Dimensions: 133mm*188mm*58mm
Working temperature: -20°C~70°C

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