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W2S Car-hailing Video Terminal

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Equipped with a high-performance image processing chip and LINUX system, the W2S car-hailing video terminal has
intelligent operation and maintenance functions such as real-time tracking, remote parameter query and setting. The cost-effective intelligent
vehicle terminal integrating GPS, video monitoring, and AI intelligent algorithms can be extensively applied to car-hailing, taxies, and urban
distribution vehicles.

AI algorithm functions

ADAS warning: FCW, short distance, LDW, and PCW;

DMS warning: Fatigue monitoring, smoking monitoring, careless driving, calling
monitoring, and unusual driver’s conditions;

Audio,video functions
Voice communication/monitoring, video preview/storage, video
replay/download, and TTS voice broadcasting;

Basic positioning functions
Position tracking, track replay, inflection point compensation, assistant
positioning, mileage statistics, one-touch alarm, overspeed alarm,
undervoltage alarm, photo capture, multi-center upload;

Operating system: Linux system
Network communication: 4G allnetwork
Positioning: Beidou+GPS
Video channel: 1080P+3X720P
Storage: External TF card
Expanded interface:mini-USB
Antenna:4G (builtin)/positioning (external)
Power adaptor:DC_12V/24V
Video coding & decoding:H.264/H.265
Audio coding & decoding:G711A/G726-40K
Video storage:Loop overwrite
Upgrade mode:Remote OTA
Executive standard:CCC/794/808/905
Applicable standard:
Dimensions: 110mm*87mm*44mm
b -20°C~70°C

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