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Living Water for Talent

June 20, 2022 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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On the afternoon of June 2, the 2022 Nanjing International Talent Supply and Demand Matching (Gulou District Special) event, hosted by the Nanjing Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and the Gulou District People’s Government and implemented by Xiaohu Technology, was successfully held at the Nanjing Water Conservancy Research Institute.

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Duan Hong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Nanjing Institute of Water Resources, Wu Shiqiang, Vice President, Academician Hu Ya’an, Chief Engineer, Wang Yuanhua, Deputy Director of Nanjing Science and Technology Bureau, Fang Jing and Wang Yuchun, leaders of Gulou District, Nanjing Overseas Collaborative Innovation Center, new research institutions, technology enterprises, etc. Nearly 50 people, including representatives from responsible persons, international students from colleges and universities, and student representatives, participated in the event.

  Wang Yuanhua, deputy director of the Nanjing Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, delivered a speech and said that Nanjing has thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on scientific and technological innovation and overseas talent gathering, adhered to the “four orientations”, gathered the power of open innovation, and brought together the power of global talents. Continuously promote the construction of a talent-rich city, we have introduced science and technology policies specifically to support open innovation for many years, promoted the construction of a university innovation port with universities in Ningxia, integrated the city’s high-tech parks, and built over 1.4 million square meters of urban silicon lanes, which have been established in 24 countries (regions). ) established 31 overseas collaborative innovation centers and 5 overseas talent stations, achieving a breakthrough in the business of foreigners working in China from “series approval” to “parallel processing”. The implementation of international talent supply and demand docking activities has played a good role in promoting international talent recruitment, technology docking and project implementation. This special event in Gulou is an innovative exploration and practice of cooperation between the government and scientific research institutes and gathering overseas talents. , is based on the demand for international talents and builds a new platform for exchanges and cooperation between international talents and local scientific research institutes.

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In his speech, Fang Jing, head of the Gulou District Government, introduced the advantages of Gulou and its determination to gather talents, educate and retain talents. The Drum Tower is the source of innovation for institutes. A number of higher education institutions and scientific research institutions, represented by Nanjing University, Hohai University, and Nanjing Institute of Hydraulic Sciences, have taken root in Gulou and are famous at home and abroad. Scientific research results are emerging one after another, and the results of implementation and transformation are obvious. The regional scientific and technological strength continues to increase. Drum Tower is an innovative highland where talents gather. As the functional core area of ​​the capital of Jiangsu Province and the central urban area of ​​Nanjing, multiple strategic opportunities such as the Yangtze River Economic Belt, Yangtze River Delta Integration, and Nanjing Metropolitan Area converge and overlap in Gulou. Gulou anchors the goal of building a “leading national innovative city pilot area” and further promotes it. Innovation across the board. The Drum Tower is an innovative place for nesting and business development. Gulou is gathering the strength of all parties, focusing on the integration of production and talents, gathering innovation momentum, insisting on gathering talents from a comprehensive perspective, adhering to the whole chain of talent cultivation, emphasizing the whole-hearted retention of talents, and striving to build a pioneering demonstration area for modernization of talent development.

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Duan Hong, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Nanjing Institute of Water Conservancy, said that as the earliest comprehensive water conservancy scientific research institution established in my country, the Nanjing Institute of Water Conservancy has 10 research institutes, more than 50 distinctive professional research directions, and a hydrology and water conservancy research institute. The National Key Laboratory of Resources and Hydraulic Engineering Sciences, the International Joint Research Center for Water Science and Water Engineering, and 10 ministerial-level key laboratories, engineering research centers and other scientific research platforms. Over the years, scientific and technological workers represented by a group of academicians have made important contributions to the development of my country’s water conservancy, transportation, and energy industries. It is hoped that more overseas talents will join the water conservancy science and technology innovation cause and join in the great practice of building a “strong, prosperous, beautiful and high” new Jiangsu. Nanjing Water Resources Research Institute will also take this event as an opportunity to strive to play its role as a platform for “Gulou District Overseas Talent Work Liaison Station”, strive to create conditions and provide a stage for overseas talents to display their talents and realize their dreams, and better serve the industry, Give back to society and promote regional economic and social development.

  Hu Ya’an, chief engineer of the Nanjing Institute of Water Resources and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, delivered a keynote speech titled “Scientific and Technological Innovation Will Never End.” Academician Hu fondly reviewed his 40 years of growth and work experience in Hujuguan. Focusing on scientific and technological innovation and talent introduction, Academician Hu elaborated on the innovative achievements in water conservancy engineering theory and practice, and pointed out that science and technology are the foundation of national prosperity. , innovation is the soul of national progress, calling on talents from all over the world to join Nanjing Academy of Water Resources to realize the dream of innovation!

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Wang Yuchun, member of the Standing Committee of the Gulou District Committee and Minister of the Organization Department, and Wu Shiqiang, deputy director of the Nanjing Institute of Water Resources, jointly unveiled the “Gulou District Overseas Talent Liaison Station” and jointly witnessed the new starting point for the integrated development of the institute and the gathering of overseas talents. The Overseas Talent Work Liaison Station will serve as a site and fulcrum for Gulou District to contact and introduce high-level talents at home and abroad, carry out talent recruitment activities and policy publicity, provide a bridge for exchanges and in-depth cooperation between talents and projects, and also serve as a bridge for overseas talents. A green channel has been opened for talents to come to Gulou District for innovation, entrepreneurship, cooperation and exchange.

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The event also specially invited Cai Zhengyin, deputy chief engineer of the Nanjing Academy of Water Resources, Chen Qiuwen, director of the Institute of Ecology and Environment, Topi Helle, chairman of the Finnish Water Resources Association (online), and Lloyd Townley, chairman of Nanjing Zhiyou Technology Development Co., Ltd., focusing on “water Excellent experiences in resource management and water governance and new ideas for international talent docking and technical exchanges under the new situation” were discussed and shared.

  Scientific research institutes and industry enterprises in the water conservancy field such as Nanjing Water Conservancy Research Institute and Jiangsu Yuzhi Watershed Management Technology Research Institute released overseas talent needs at the event; more than 20 university student representatives who participated in the meeting conducted in-depth docking exchanges with enterprises. Two overseas students from Wageningen University in the Netherlands and Boston University in the United States expressed their ideals of serving the motherland after completing their studies through video. They both expressed that they would echo what General Secretary Xi Jinping said in his reply to young scholars who returned from studying abroad at Nanjing University. “We must care about ‘national affairs’, shoulder ‘national responsibilities’, vigorously carry forward the call to study abroad and serve the country, and consciously pursue serving the country and serving the people.”

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This event focused on the “water resources” industry field, deeply discussed the innovative paths for overseas talent docking, promoted the clustered development of the “double carbon” industry, and created a new model for local governments, scientific research institutes and enterprises to cooperate with each other to attract and cultivate talents. Drum Tower will work hand in hand with the research institutes of universities and colleges stationed in the area to jointly bring together more industry talents with international perspectives, actively integrate into the wave of innovation and development, and contribute to Nanjing’s efforts to build an innovation capital that global talents aspire to.


June 20, 2022
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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