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Xiaomi Nanjing Science and Technology Park officially opened, and Lei Jun also came!


On the morning of May 19, with the spring breeze on the banks of the Yangtze River, Xiaomi Nanjing Science and Technology Park, where the East China headquarters of Xiaomi Group is located, was officially opened in Jianye, Nanjing. It will be one of the most important software R&D centers outside of Xiaomi’s headquarters in Beijing. This move not only marks a new level of Xiaomi’s innovation platform in East China, but also adds strong momentum to Nanjing’s digital economy industry.

Walking into Xiaomi Nanjing Science and Technology Park, the garden-like layout is shaded by green trees, and the “Hui” shaped glass building with geometric aesthetics is new and bright. According to the official plan, the East China headquarters project of Xiaomi Group is divided into three phases, with a total construction area of 365,000 square meters, including scientific research and design offices, talent apartments and related supporting facilities.

From coordinating the transition carrier of Xiaomi Group in Xincheng Science and Technology Park to fully supporting the completion and commissioning of Xiaomi Nanjing Science and Technology Park, Jianye High-tech Zone has “accompanied” the development of Xiaomi Group’s East China headquarters throughout the process. This opening ceremony is another milestone event in the vigorous development of the digital economy in Jianye High-tech Zone, and it is also a powerful example of the park’s innovation and optimization of the business environment and the exploration of the economic development path of the headquarters with Jianye characteristics. In recent years, Jianye High-tech Zone has focused on the leading industries of “finance + digital economy”, gathered more than 95% of the municipal headquarters enterprises in the zone, attracted more than 80,000 high-end talents to settle in, and built a number of 10-billion-level emerging industrial clusters such as information software, smart logistics, and digital entertainment.

In addition, Jianye High-tech Zone, as the core agglomeration area of Nanjing’s important financial center, is home to many financial head enterprises and listed companies, and the park focuses on the demands of headquarters enterprises and provides support in accordance with the model of “one subject + one base + a series of policies” to ensure the maximum integration of resources and achieve precise drip irrigation for industrial development. As early as 2017, Xiaomi selected a site for its regional headquarters in East China, and Jianye quickly set up a special team to follow up, and in a short period of time, it clarified the support of a number of personalized “policy packages” such as Xiaomi’s ecological chain policy, setting a record of 70 days to achieve the “Jianye speed” of signing a contract.

Chen Zhichang, Deputy Secretary of the Nanjing Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Nanjing, said in his speech that Xiaomi and Nanjing have always been good partners with two-way travel and deep mutual trust, and the East China headquarters of Xiaomi Group has been officially put into use, which will become the most important software R&D center in addition to Xiaomi’s Beijing headquarters, which fully reflects Xiaomi’s full recognition of Nanjing’s business environment and is highly optimistic about the prospects of cooperation between the two sides. I sincerely hope that Xiaomi can take this opening as an opportunity to continuously expand the scale of its regional headquarters and drive more upstream and downstream enterprises from the industrial chain to take root and bear fruit.

Recruit big and strong, and the leading effect appears. With the opening of Xiaomi Nanjing Science and Technology Park, the upstream and downstream enterprises of Xiaomi’s industrial chain continue to gather, which will become the best proof that Jianye High-tech Zone will promote the cultivation of key projects and take the initiative to solve problems. Since 2017, Xiaomi has set up 6 companies in Nanjing, including Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd. Nanjing Branch and Nanjing Xiaomi Communication Technology, and gathered a number of ecological chain enterprises.

Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, said at the opening ceremony that the long-term goal of Xiaomi’s future development is to invest in the underlying technology on a large scale and become the leader of the world’s new generation of hard-core technology. Among all Xiaomi’s products and technology ecosystems, the improvement of software capabilities is particularly important, which is also the mission of Xiaomi Group’s East China Headquarters. It is hoped that the development of Xiaomi will be deeply integrated with the industry of Nanjing, closely combined with Nanjing’s industrial advantages, and the Nanjing area will be built into a super R&D center, which will effectively support the implementation of the group’s strategic goals and help the development of Nanjing’s new quality productivity.

It is understood that the East China headquarters of Xiaomi Group, as the software research and development center and talent base of Xiaomi Group, will focus on mobile phone and automotive software development, Internet services and other advantageous businesses in the future. In terms of talent training, Xiaomi is working with universities in Jiangsu Province such as China Southern Airlines and Southern Institute of Technology to jointly train students and pull through industry-university-research cooperation. It is expected that within three years, the East China headquarters of Xiaomi Group will reach an office scale of 5,000 people, and strive to exceed 10,000 people in five years, continue to play a leading and exemplary role, and help Nanjing build itself into an innovative economic highland and a smart city.

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