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Why did you choose this location for A key project?

A key project

A key project of the aerospace industry in Jiangning Development ZoneBreaking new ground

Recently, Nanshan Feizhuo Aerospace Industry Co., Ltd. signed a contract for the intelligent manufacturing project of ultra-long bed aviation parts in Jiangning Development Zone, which means that Nanjing will become the second city in the country with 20-meter aviation metal parts manufacturing capacity.

On May 15, Jean-Claude Mérald, chairman of the French Feizhuo Aerospace Group, and his party flew to Jiangning to attend the signing ceremony. Although it is the first time he has come to Nanjing, he is an “old acquaintance” of Nanjing – this is the second time that Nanshan Feizhuo Aerospace Industry Co., Ltd. has invested in Jiangning after June 2022.

Nanshan Feizhuo Aerospace Industry Co., Ltd. is an aviation precision parts processing enterprise established by the French Feizhuo Aerospace Group and Shandong Nanshan Aluminum Co., Ltd. with 50% investment. France’s Feizhuo Aerospace is a world-renowned manufacturer of precision metal parts for aviation, ranking first in Europe in terms of scale. Nanshan Aluminum is the only aluminum company in the world that has a complete aluminum industry chain in a short distance. A few years ago, the two companies joined forces to form a joint venture and in 2022 they selected a site for the new project in Nanjing.

The Nanshan Feizhuo Aerospace ultra-long bed aviation parts intelligent manufacturing project signed this time is an additional investment on the basis of the first phase of the Nanshan Feizhuo Aerospace Industry Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 200 million US dollars, with the goal of building a world-class aviation high-precision metal parts production base.

Why do you want to “increase your investment” in a short period of time? In the consideration of Jean-Claude Mérald’s team, the aviation manufacturing industry is a talent-intensive project, Nanjing has obvious advantages in aviation talents, the aviation industry chain is complete, Jiangning Development Zone is the “Nanjing Aviation Industry Base”, and Nanjing is close to potential customers such as COMAC, and the transportation is convenient.More let Nanshan Feizhuo Aerospace Industry Co., LtdMake up your mindJiangning Development ZoneEfficientservice level andpositive investment awareness


Back to 3 years ago, when Nanshan Feizhuo Aerospace Industry Co., Ltd. selected the site for the project, it carried out a special investment promotion operation with Jiangning Development Zone across France, the United States, Shanghai, Yantai and Jiangning Development Zone, and crossed the time difference “cloud” to select the site, and the professionalism of the Jiangning Development Zone team left a deep impression on the investors. At the end of last year, Nanshan Feizhuo Aerospace Industry Co., Ltd. has successfully moved into the transitional plant and put into production, and at the same time, the customized plant is also under construction.

In November last year, in the in-depth contact with the enterprise, Jiangning Development Zone captured the new investment intention of Nanshan Feizhuo Aerospace Industry Co., Ltd. The main leaders of the park led the team to Yantai for negotiations, and then conducted many in-depth mutual visits.

At present, Nanshan Feizhuo Aerospace has completed the construction of aviation metal parts production line below 4 meters, and the next step will be to invest in the construction of 4 meters to 25 meters ultra-long bed aviation metal parts machining line and surface line, mainly for commercial aviation, Airbus and other customers to provide key structural parts such as wing trusses, wing spars, floor beams, etc., and the annual output value of the project is expected to be about 1 billion yuan after all the projects are put into production. The project is scheduled to be put into operation by the end of 2025, when Nanjing will become the second city in the country with a 20-meter aviation metal parts manufacturing capacity.

The relevant person in charge of Jiangning Development Zone said that at present, the aerospace industry is becoming a new growth pole for “empty”, and the aerospace industry is precisely the advantageous industry of Jiangning Development Zone.

At present, the park has gathered more than 30 aviation R&D and manufacturing enterprises, covering aero engines, aviation electromechanical systems, avionics systems and other fields, and the R&D and technical strength of aviation electromechanical systems ranks among the top in the country. This cooperation is a “two-way trip” for enterprises and parks to take the aerospace industry.

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