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What are the big names talking about at the C3 Security Conference?

What are the big names talking about at the C3 Security Conference?

On May 18, the C3 Security Conference 2024 was held in Nanjing, where experts and business people in the scientific and technological circles gathered together to explore the way of digital security in the AI+ era with the theme of “Security AI Future”.

2024 marks the 30th anniversary of China’s Internet, and technologies such as large language models and generative AI are rapidly penetrating thousands of industries. Faced with the urgent need to open up new tracks, discover new kinetic energy, and build new advantages, C3 Security Conference 2024 invited more than 3,000 guests from government departments, scientific research institutions, and industry-leading enterprises to discuss forward-looking opportunities, gain insight into development, and depict the future of AI intelligence.

Zhang Sheng, Second-level Inspector of the Cyber Security Coordination Bureau of the Cyberspace Administration of the Central Cyberspace Administration of China, said in his opening speech: “In recent years, the Cyberspace Administration of China and relevant departments have promulgated a series of laws and regulations such as the Cybersecurity Law, the Data Security Law, and the Personal Information Protection Law, as well as important systems such as the Cybersecurity Review Measures and the Measures for the Administration of Generative Artificial Intelligence, as well as hundreds of national cybersecurity standards, which have basically built the four pillars of the cybersecurity policy and regulatory system. To promote the deep integration of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, first, it is necessary to strengthen cybersecurity talents and innovation, and build a benign ecology for the integrated development of cybersecurity education and technology industry; Second, we should pay attention to the construction and sharing of data resources; Third, it is necessary to strengthen international influence and promote the concept of China’s artificial intelligence governance to be deeply rooted in the hearts of the international community. ”

At the conference, the Cyber Extortion Response and Governance Center and Fox Hunting Program were officially launched. The center was jointly initiated by AsiaInfo Security, China Unicom Jiangsu Branch, Sichuan Digital Industry Co., Ltd., and People’s Data Management Co., Ltd., and at the same time, the Fox Hunt Action Plan was officially launched, and the implementation of this plan will provide a more solid and powerful guarantee for effectively combating cyber extortion.

The conference also released the results of the establishment of the Eastern Data and Western Computing Security Joint Innovation Center for one year. The Innovation Center has fully participated in the Eastern Data and Western Computing Project and the Computing Power Security Demonstration Project, cooperated with Sichuan Energy Investment and Xiyun Computing Power to implement the plan, and cooperated with multiple parties to carry out operation services. These achievements will promote the safe scheduling and circulation of computing power and data resources in the east and west, provide new ideas and paths, and promote the prosperity and development of artificial intelligence and data industry.

In addition, this C3 also successfully held two major signing ceremonies. The first is the joint R&D action upgrade plan of AsiaInfo Security & Tsinghua University Intelligent Industry Research Institute, and the second is the signing ceremony of HarmonyOS cooperation, in which AsiaInfo Security and Huawei will deeply invest in the construction of the HarmonyOS ecosystem.

In the AI virtual venue specially set up in C3 of this conference, AI technology has realized the interweaving of technology and time, allowing scientific greats across the era to have a dialogue and discuss the infinite possibilities of AI development. In the subsequent CIO Dialogue, the leaders of AsiaInfo Security, Huawei’s Device Cloud Developer Service and Platform Department, Midea Group, Sany Group and other enterprises discussed in depth the enterprise-level AI strategy, data governance, and intelligent transformation.
Guest views

Tian Suning, co-founder of AsiaInfo, said: “Data is becoming the most important asset, and operating systems, industry models, and ‘cloud-network-security’ together form the infrastructure of data in the new era, and application developers are building warships to conquer the ocean of data. Let us keep in mind the mission of ‘safe digital world’, face the turbulent ocean of data, and open the era of digital navigation for Chinese.” ”

Zhang Yaqin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and dean of the Institute of Intelligent Industry (AIR) of Tsinghua University, emphasized in his speech that the ability of AI large models is extremely powerful, which may create many development opportunities in the future, but also contains many potential risks. He suggested that while promoting the technological progress related to large models, we should also take precautions to ensure that “technology is good”.

Zhou Min, deputy director of the State Information Center, pointed out that high-quality development needs to be guided by the theory of new quality productivity, and measures such as “using data to cultivate quality”, using data elements as the basis for the development of new quality productivity, establishing a sound data property rights system, increasing the supply of data elements, driving the development of the data industry and other industries with data flow, and strengthening data security.

Zhipu AI is the only Chinese company invited to speak at ICLR, the top global conference in the field of machine learning, on behalf of the “new forces” of domestic large models. Wang Shaolan, President of Zhipu AI, introduced that Zhipu AI is committed to promoting the paradigm of “model as a service”, so that hundreds of billions of high-precision large models can be used by more people, and at the same time, it works with AsiaInfo Security and other partners to support thousands of industries to enter a new stage of generative AI.

Lu Ben, senior vice president of Shanghai Yuanxin Satellite Technology Co., Ltd., shared his views on the relationship between low-orbit satellite Internet and AI security, Yuanxin plans to start large-scale satellite networking construction this year, with the gradual completion of satellite Internet, it is bound to bring new big data sources, new distributed computing power networks and fast artificial intelligence distribution channels to the industry.

In his keynote speech on “The Future of Security AI”, Chen Fen, Senior Vice President of AsiaInfo Security, analyzed the recent escalation of cyber attacks and cybercrimes driven by AGI technology. He pointed out that the AGI tool has reduced the time for hackers to generate new threats from “months” to hours or even minutes, and AsiaInfo Security has monitored that in just one year, 40 different types of attack methods against large models have emerged.

Starting with AI, embracing AI, and escorting AI, AsiaInfo Security has brought the “XPLAN” and Security for AI and AI for Security. “Security for AI” includes newly developed services such as protecting the security of computing power cloud infrastructure, security protection of large model applications, and red and blue confrontation testing of large models.

As a leader in cloud security and endpoint security in China, AsiaInfo Security officially released its self-developed large model in the field of network security industry, Xin Cube, which will comprehensively improve the intelligence level of AsiaInfo’s full range of security products.

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