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Visiting the farmers’ market? Jiangbei “I” is the largest

farmers' market

The first phase of Nanjing Jiangbei Agricultural and Sideline Products Wholesale Trading Market

It is one of the major projects of Liuhe District this year

It is also the only one in the Jiangbei area

Large-scale comprehensive agricultural and sideline products wholesale market

At present, the first phase of the project has begun to take shape

The project covers a total area of 180 acres and has 23 buildings, each with three floors. The first phase of the construction area of more than 30,000 square meters, the future to recruit more than 300 new merchants, is currently in full swing construction is along the street of five, these five are expected to be put off in June this year, when the site for decoration.

The project is based in Jiangbei, can radiate a radius of 300 kilometers, and will be built into the central kitchen, urban refrigerator and green dining table of the Nanjing City Circle, the annual transaction volume is expected to exceed 30 billion yuan after normal operation, directly or indirectly driving the number of employment to exceed 100,000 peopleIt can comprehensively promote the integrated development of local primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and become a “brand incubation base” for local famous and high-quality agricultural products.

Keyword two

Brick-and-mortar + e-commerce

It is located on Jiangbei Avenue Expressway and Longyang Road

The project site at the rendezvous

The construction site is full of tower cranes and roaring machinery

Several buildings are under construction

The first phase of the Jiangbei agricultural and sideline products wholesale trading market project will be built into a modern and intelligent agricultural products comprehensive wholesale base with agricultural product trading, data integration, logistics and distribution, cold chain warehousing as the core, with eight trading areas, characteristic display areas, e-commerce agglomeration areas, warehousing cold chain areas, comprehensive supporting service areas and perfect intelligent operation and management systems.

Keyword three


The floor height is 4.8 meters, and the spacing between the buildings is 16 meters

There is also a separate parking building that can accommodate more than 200 vehicles


Later, Jiangbei agricultural and sideline products wholesale trading market

Don’t worry about parking

At the same time, in order to meet the actual needs of agricultural and sideline products warehousing and logistics distribution, the market is specially customized and developed from the foundation, floor height to building spacing. The first phase of the project will be fully delivered in June next year, and the investment and construction work of the project are currently carried out simultaneously, and nearly eighty percent of the shops have been “famous”.

Keyword four

Precise distribution

The positioning of Jiangbei agricultural and sideline products wholesale trading market

It is to be the double security center of the Yangtze River Delta

It not only ensures the supply of food

It also ensures the safety of food

This market is also a three-dimensional trading market, providing primary agricultural products to the public, also serving as a sorting and distribution center, and a digital prefabricated food distribution platform. Through the capture of big data, we can accurately analyze which popular dishes are the favorite of the people in Jiangbei area, and then provide standardized production formulas to manufacturers to determine production and achieve accurate distribution.

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