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Up 450,000! Hexi is the first to pick up!

Someone joked about the “millet effect”?Actually, it’s just one factor.In other words, Xiaomi is a symbol of the landing of the industry in southwest Hebei, and there is a heavyweight headquarters next.Xiaomi, which currently has 2,700 employees, is expected to have 5,000 people in three years and 10,000 people in five years. Many teams come from Beijing, Wuhan and other places, plus hundreds of people are recruited every year, forming a group of large factories with higher incomes, young people and strong consumption desires.This was taken on the 2nd floor of the huge office building in the shape of Xiaomi’s “back”, the view from the north side, there are many office buildings, many of which are under construction, and the 416-meter skyscraper of the second phase of the Financial City not far away is very conspicuous.

Another perspective is still the office complex.

On the south side of the view is Jinmao Mansion, Kaisa and Minmetals Chongwen Jincheng, and a large piece of greenery is Nanjing International Friendship Park.

The official opening of Xiaomi, which is the nearest major factory in Nanjing.In fact, it has injected confidence into Nanjing, especially Hexi, because this is “cashing”.

In recent years, housing prices have fallen across the country, and Nanjing has fallen particularly hard, which is an “excess decline”. One of the factors is that people don’t believe in planning and industry.Therefore, Xiaomi opened the park at this time, and it has firmly implemented the actual business and a large number of R&D personnel and engineers, which is confidence.

In fact, the industry in the southwest of the river has risen, and the night view is very bright.

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