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This promotion meeting in Lishui is very “spicy”

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Lishui plum tea

Gaochun 7D rapeseed oil

Liuhe Yeshan Old Goose

Weigang Dairy Products

Hundreds of high-quality agricultural products are on display in Lida

A batch of production and marketing cooperation signings

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On March 28, Nanjing’s “Real Estate Green High-Quality Agricultural Products Enter Ten Thousands of Homes” special promotion meeting for production and marketing docking went into the Agricultural Science Museum of Fujiabian Agricultural Science and Technology Park. Wang Guofu, deputy secretary-general of the municipal government and first-level inspector, and Nanjing Xinnong Group Chairman Wan Zhen and district government party member Liu Renxiang were present to provide guidance. Many catering companies and food processing companies in the city participated.

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In the exhibition area, there is a dazzling array of agricultural products mainly from Lishui, Gaochun, Jiangning, Liuhe, Pukou, Qixia and other production areas in the city. It brings together multiple series of products under brands such as Wuxiang Tianyuan, Laisi Countryside, Shili Qinhuai, and Weigang. , there are 25 exhibitors . These agricultural products are attractive in appearance and fragrant, attracting many customers to visit and negotiate, and citizens and tourists who come here to try and experience them.

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In the Lishui exhibition area, Fujiabian Plum Tea, Golden Manor Strawberry, Huacheng Vegetables, Xingui Rice, Professor Huang Food and “Five Berry (Plum)” products of “Wuxiang Tianyuan” are very popular. At the Honglan Street agricultural products booth, the “Red Beauty” citrus juice produced by Taining Agriculture attracted many people to taste it on the spot. “This is a new product we launched this year. The ingredient list only contains juice, with zero fat and zero additives. It is very nutritious and healthy.” The person in charge of the company said that this promotion meeting is a good stage, and the “Red Beauty” citrus juice has been added. Exposure, many customers have placed orders on the spot.

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According to reports, this promotion meeting aims to build a bridge between Nanjing’s local enterprises and local agricultural products, expand the sales channels of real estate green and high-quality agricultural products, continuously enhance the visibility and reputation of Nanjing’s agricultural brands, and allow more green agricultural products to be sold from the fields. Citizen’s table. During the event, a number of production and marketing cooperation contracts were signed on-site : Shili Qinhuai and Nanjing Southeast Commercial Asset Management Co., Ltd., Nanjing Qianji Culture Media Co., Ltd., Rice Countryside and Huize International Natural College, Wuxiang Tianyuan and Jiangsu Second Normal University, Sign strategic cooperation agreements respectively.

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The relevant person in charge of the Lishui District Agricultural and Rural Affairs Bureau introduced that this special promotion meeting on production and marketing docking in Lishui has had a positive impact on expanding the brand influence and market reputation of our district’s agricultural products, broadening agricultural product sales channels, and deepening consumer assistance. Promoting role; Next, we will continue to promote the docking of production and marketing of agricultural products in various forms, so that more high-quality agricultural products can go to the big market and the big stage.

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