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This major project in the province will be capped in July

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NARI relays intelligent electrical equipment

The site of the second phase of the industrial park

It’s a hot scene

More than 600 workers stuck to their posts

The sprint will be fully capped in July

The second phase of NARI Jibao Intelligent Electrical Equipment Industrial Park is a major project in Jiangsu Province and Nanjing City, with a total investment of 2 billion yuan and a construction area of 194,000 square meters. The project consists of 5 buildings, including a high-rise factory, a low-rise factory building and a shift building. NARI Relay is the largest scientific research and industrialization base in the field of power protection control and intelligent power equipment in China, and one of the world’s top five power system relay protection equipment supply enterprises. The construction of the second phase of the project will help NARI Jibao successfully break through a series of key technologies of power control protection and industrial control.

The project has high positioning, high management requirements and special plant projects. The existence of long-span roof truss beams and extra-long building floors puts forward higher requirements for construction. In the construction, the company will also actively promote the application of intelligent construction, including prefabricated construction, BIM model system, and will add unmanned lifts and construction robots in the later stage.

During the May Day period, while the project was doing a good job in providing service to workers, hundreds of builders stuck to their posts to ensure construction and nodes, and sprinted to the target task of fully capping in July.

The city’s new power (smart grid) cluster has been selected as the first batch of national advanced manufacturing clusters, Jiangning Development Zone last year released the smart grid industry multiplication action plan, and strive to become a world-class smart grid industry core area, energy science and technology self-reliance and self-improvement of innovation source and all factors complete international ecological smart power valley. As the backbone, the second phase of the industrial park project is planned to be completed next year, and after reaching production, it is expected to achieve an additional output value of 2.5 billion yuan and a tax revenue of 200 million yuan.

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