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This major project in the province has started!

project in the province


China Electric Power Research Institute Nanjing Research Base Construction Project

The main project starts in Jiangning Development Zone

It marks that this major project in the province has entered the comprehensive construction stage.

As a scientific research unit directly under the State Grid Corporation of China, China Electric Power Research Institute is the scientific research institution with the strongest comprehensive strength in China’s electric power industry. It has made positive contributions in various landmark stages of the development of my country’s power industry, and has successively conquered key core technologies in the fields of ultra-high voltage transmission, large power grid security, and new energy.

Located in Jiangning Development Zone

China Electric Power Research Institute Nanjing Research Base Project

Integrating “technological innovation + achievement transformation”

+Technical service+Testing and testing” functions integrated into one

The base is positioned to create the “three highlands” of electric power technology innovation, intelligence and talent empowerment, and research and production integration ecology, and gathers six major strategies including new energy, electric power automation, information and communications, artificial intelligence, smart distribution network, and electric power commercial encryption. It will fully gather upstream and downstream resources, inject strong force into the innovative development of energy and power, and actively contribute to scientific and technological innovation and industrial development in Nanjing City and Jiangning District.

The planned land area of ​​the project is about 100 acres

Construction in two phases

The total construction area of ​​the first phase is 120,000 square meters.

Including comprehensive laboratory building, inspection and testing building,

The person in charge of the Nanjing Scientific Research Base of China Electric Power Research Institute, including the achievement transformation building and supporting facilities, said that it will focus on the research and development and testing of key technologies related to new power systems, new energy operation support technology, solar power generation grid connection technology, and new power system wide-frequency domain monitoring. Analytical technology, etc., build inspection and testing centers, achievement transformation bases and scientific research auxiliary facilities, especially to build 1 national laboratory and 2 provincial and ministerial laboratories/technology centers.

Energy grid industry

It is a dominant industry in Jiangning and Jiangning Development Zone. Currently, it has gathered more than 200 affiliated companies such as NARI Group, NARI Relay Insurance, Guodian NARC, Phoenix, and Siemens, and has nearly 10,000 high-level R&D personnel. The industrial chain covers nine major links including power generation, transmission, transformation, comprehensive energy services, and power network security. The industry scale exceeds 100 billion. It is the region with the highest concentration of smart grid industry, the largest number of enterprises and the largest number of listed companies in China , and was selected as the first A batch of national advanced manufacturing clusters.
Seizing the opportunity of building a national carbon peak pilot park, Jiangning Development Zone is making every effort to build a world-class smart grid industrial cluster.

Relying on the 7.7-square-kilometer core area, Jiangning Development Zone consolidates the national leading advantages of the smart grid industry in “generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, use, and dispatch”, fully extends the industrial chain, builds an industrial ecosystem with complete elements, and promotes intelligent The power grid industry has leapt from being “first in the country and first-class in the world” to “leading the world”.

The relevant person in charge of Jiangning Development Zone said that they will take the start of the project as an opportunity to reverse the construction period, work on the wall chart, scientifically organize and meticulously construct, continue to create a first-class environment, strengthen service guarantee, and promote the project to be completed, put into production, and achieve results early, so as to Enhance the primacy and competitiveness of Nanjing and Jiangning’s smart grid industry and inject new impetus into Nanjing’s creation of a 500 billion smart grid industry cluster.

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