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Sunshine City Forum: In this business district, even if it rains, young people are queuing up with umbrellas

During the “May Day” holiday in 2024, Jianye District was crowded with young people. The total visitor flow was 1.785 million, a year-on-year increase of 29.27%. As of 18 o’clock on May 5, during the “May Day” period, the passenger flow of the five major commercial complexes in Jianye District was 1.68 million, a year-on-year increase of 38%, and the sales volume was 244 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 52%.

Among them, Jianye Yuantong business district is the most popular, with various activities such as HOCH Hamburg Trendy Play Festival, Huacai Pet Life Festival, Ye Parade Club, etc., bringing trendy brands, popular catering, playful creativity and lifestyle experience to the public. At night, the light show of 500 drones illuminates the night sky of Jianye Yuantong business district. A person in charge of a shopping mall said that this is the most popular time in Yuantong in 5 years, even if it rains, young people are queuing up with umbrellas.

Some people always ask, what exactly is Yuantong? Yuantong is a vibrant, never-disappearing urban living room. This is also related to the characteristics of Jianye, which is the youngest urban area in Nanjing in terms of population and has always been at the forefront of trends. While building a high-quality commercial carrier, it also continuously optimizes the pain points. For example, the problem of underground disconnection of Yuantong that everyone complained about in the past has been gradually solved, and “Yuantong is not connected” will soon become history. Of course, Unicom is only at the physical level, and more importantly, how to occupy the minds of consumers at the spiritual level, so that Yuantong can become a new window for business in New Nanjing. Jianye is constantly optimizing the rhythm of consumption, vigorously developing the first store economy, young people, businessmen, business owners across the country have been paying attention to the Yuantong business district, thousands of Nanjing people, outsiders in the Yuantong business district to eat is the mood of both the food and the scene, the taste is the charm of the new Nanjing business, feel the surging wave of development.

The commercial energy level of a place has directly affected the happiness index of the city, and as an important urban function, its guidance, development and deep cultivation are particularly important. The voice of Yuantong is far more than that, and it also needs to continue to inject high-quality content to resonate with young people and new consumer groups. Yuantong business district is like digging a deep well that has not yet been explored to more possibilities, planting a seed, using time and commerce to activate the upgrading of urban functions, and bringing the surrounding people a yearning for convenience and a better life.

The second is Lopal Technology, which has seized green opportunities in the new energy materials track in recent years. Many years ago, Lopal Technology laid out lithium battery cathode materials, and later caught up with the new energy outlet, the market value of the enterprise surged tenfold in just one year, and the company’s revenue in less than two years from 1.9 billion to successfully break 10 billion, once created an industry myth.

The third is a leader in China’s high-end green manufacturing, Tianjia. Founded in 1991, it took root in Nanjing Economic Development Zone in 1999. In the field of professional environmental manufacturing process, TICA has ranked first in the national market share for 13 consecutive years. In recent years, TICA has entered the field of renewable energy power generation, and has now become the world’s second largest geothermal power generation company.

The fourth is CHERVON, which is the world’s leading manufacturer of power tools. CHERVON has aggressively attacked overseas markets, acquired a century-old German power tool company, and has owned two listed companies in the 31 years since its establishment. In 2019, Chervon Automobile was listed on the A-share market; In 2021, Chervon Holdings was listed in Hong Kong and was the “first share of power tools” on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. At present, CHERVON has become a leader in the industry in China.

These companies are generally in the middle and upper reaches of the industrial chain, their products are not aimed at end users, and the enterprises are generally low-key, and they are not well known to the general public. Nanjing’s private manufacturing is strong in places that everyone can’t see. At present, Nanjing has deeply implemented the action plan of strengthening the city through industry, and cultivated and formed one 800 billion and six 100 billion strategic emerging industrial clusters. In such a soil, private enterprises are enough to have more room for development. We also believe that in the future, more powerful factions will emerge in Nanjing.

Rushing Finance and Economics: Nanjing cross-border e-commerce is on fire

Capehi, who has long dominated the Amazon Best Seller list, Cofante, who has become the TOP1 of the Douyin e-commerce sports underwear category sales list for two consecutive years, and Vision, which has won 15% of the market share of glasses e-commerce…… Are these business names unfamiliar? But it is these companies that are not very obvious that are galloping in the field of cross-border e-commerce and becoming the invisible king of the subdivided field. Behind them, standing is Nanjing, a cross-border e-commerce industry is rising.

Bidding farewell to the era of gold nuggets in the past few years, the domestic cross-border e-commerce industry has begun to enter a new stage of standardized and stable development, and at this stage, Nanjing, which has always been known for its stability and industry, has ushered in the best development opportunities. In the face of opportunities, Nanjing has a strategy and has contributed many “firsts” to cross-border e-commerce; Nanjing has services and has cultivated a number of new service providers for cross-border e-commerce; Nanjing has the advantage of air freight price, which is 1-2 yuan per kilogram discount compared with surrounding cities.

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