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There is new progress in Line 5, the “transfer king”!

Line 5

After the short track was completed on June 19, the northern section of Line 5 was completed with the long track after 10 days of intensive construction. So far, the first two important constructions of the “three steps” of tunnel, track and power connection of this subway line have been successfully completed, and it will fully enter the stage of electromechanical installation and system engineering construction.

Nanjing Metro Line 5 is 37.4 kilometers long and is entirely underground. It has 30 underground stations with an average station spacing of 1.26 kilometers, including 14 transfer stations. The southern section will be opened on March 31, 2024, and track laying will begin on June 30, 2023 for the northern section. The entire line will be open to the public on June 29, 2024.

In order to complete the track laying construction task of Line 5 on schedule, all participating units overcame difficulties such as short time, heavy tasks, discontinuous working surfaces, difficulty in accessing materials, and reduction of mechanical track laying bases. By investing in new equipment and increasing manpower and material resources, mechanical track laying was combined with manual track laying, and the whole line was started and multiple points were achieved. He Zhipeng, technical director of the China Railway 11th Bureau, the rail unit responsible for the construction of the northern section of Line 5, introduced that during the peak period of track laying construction this year, 8 working surfaces were laid out for simultaneous construction on a line of only 16 kilometers, nearly 40 sets of track laying equipment were used, and more than 600 people were invested. Through high-intensity rush laying construction, the node goal of long track laying on the entire line was successfully achieved.

Nanjing Metro Line 5 is a north-south backbone line that runs through the main city and is known as the “king of transfers”. After the full line is opened to traffic, it will effectively ease the traffic pressure on Nanjing’s north-south roads and greatly improve the traffic conditions in Nanjing’s urban area. It is of great significance to improve Nanjing’s overall transportation structure and accelerate urban transformation, development and growth.

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