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The optimization of the housing purchase policy in Lishui involves the schooling of the children of home


The first day of 2024

The Lishui property market once again exploded with earth-shattering thunder

The housing purchase policy has been further optimized

Transition from “inclusive” to “precise”.

The adjusted policy will be implemented from New Year’s Day 2024

In order to adapt to the changes in the current real estate market situation and meet the diversified housing needs of talents, college graduates and multi-child families, Lishui District has optimized and adjusted part of the original policy.

It mainly involves the purchase of housing by talents benefiting enterprises, the housing of college graduates, the housing of multi-child families, and the enrollment of the children of home buyers, which are more targeted.Similarly, 70% of the subsidies can be paid in advance after the completion of the online signing and filing procedures of the contract, which means that even if you buy off-plan housing, you can get most of the subsidies about 1-2 years in advance.The details are as follows↓↓↓:1. Optimize the housing purchase policy for talents who benefit enterprises and housing services:

In order to further optimize the environment for talent development and support all kinds of talents to start a business and find employment in Li, the district finance will give a house purchase subsidy of 1% of the purchase price to employees working in Li’s registered enterprises (education and health systems).2. Continue to support college graduates to settle down:

From January 1, 2024 to June 30, 2024, college graduates who are enjoying the rental subsidy policy for college graduates and purchasing newly built commercial housing in the district can be granted a housing purchase subsidy according to the remaining rental subsidy amount.3. Continue to support families with many children to settle down:

From January 1, 2024 to June 30, 2024, families with two or more children (including at least one minor child) who purchase newly built commercial housing in the district will be given a housing purchase subsidy of 10,000 yuan.

From 2024 onwards, the children of home buyers can enjoy the same admission treatment as the children of resident families with real estate certificates in the compulsory education stage with the purchase contract signed and filed online, which will be arranged by the District Education Bureau.Application Process

1. The applicant purchases a newly built commercial house and signs it online for the record.

2. Go to the window of the Real Estate Bureau of Lishui District Citizen’s Home to collect and fill in the application form.

3. Materials to be submitted: resident ID card, commercial housing sales contract, real estate ownership certificate, house purchase invoice, multi-child family certificate with minor children, and the applicant’s bank debit card.Miscellaneous

1. Housing purchase subsidies for housing service talents benefiting enterprises, housing subsidies for multi-child families, and housing subsidies for college graduates can apply for 70% of the subsidy after completing the online signing and filing procedures of the contract, and 30% of the subsidy after obtaining the real estate ownership certificate.

2. The time of house purchase is subject to the time of online signing of the contract, and the contract has been signed online before the implementation period of the policy, and the application for revocation of the online signature and the re-signing procedures during the implementation of the policy will not enjoy the house purchase subsidy.

3. The buyer shall submit the application within 90 days from the date of completion of the first registration of the immovable property of the purchased house, and if the prescribed time limit is exceeded, it shall be deemed to have waived the qualification for subsidy. After the relevant subsidy is issued, if you move out or change the name of the purchased house, the subsidy you have enjoyed must be refunded in the original way.

4. The rental subsidy policy for college graduates and the housing subsidy policy for talents in the “Lishui District Talent Housing Measures” are high and not duplicated.

5. The relevant rules shall be interpreted by the Lishui District Housing Security and Real Estate Bureau.

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