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The new progress of Metro Line 9

Metro Line 9

For now
All stations of the first phase of Metro Line 9Enter the main structure constructionand installation and decoration construction stage

What is the subway station construction site like?

Let’s go and visit!

The first phase of Metro Line 9

From Hongshan New Town Station

Finally, Jiangsu Grand Theatre Constitution Square Station

The total length of the line is about 20 km

It’s all underground

There are a total of 16 stations

Among them, there are 9 transfer stations

Upper Xinhe Station

Decoration model construction

The first standard station is about to be unveiled

At Shangxinhe Station at the intersection of Yangtze River Avenue and Jiqingmen Street, workers are installing aluminum panels on the top of public areas. At present, Shangxinhe Station has entered the stage of mechanical and electrical installation and decoration, and large-scale decoration construction will be carried out after the first acceptance of the model section in the public area is completed.

Shangxinhe Station is the fastest standard section of Metro Line 9 to enter the decoration stage. The corridor of the equipment area has been installed electromechanically, and the above of the station hall will be semi-nude style, with green cross lines and white perforated aluminum panels to create a flowing water state and show a new urban impression of vitality, fashion and art.

It is understood that Metro Line 9 with the theme of “humanistic riverbank” and water as the main theme of decoration, in addition to the standard section, will also combine the humanistic characteristics of the area through which the line passes, and build the Green Expo Park Station and Jiangsu Grand Theatre Constitution Park Station into theme stations, showing the urban charm of the harmonious development of man and nature in the new era.

Longjiang Station

Move between square inches

“Reverse” construction from top to bottom

At present, the construction of Longjiang Station is about 6 meters underground. The construction of the subway in the urban area, the construction method of cover and excavation not only ensures the road traffic on the ground, but also can effectively control the deformation and surface settlement of the surrounding soil to ensure the safety of structural construction.

The section between Shimonoseki Station and Baiyunting Station

Drive the slowest car

Promote the “fast” development of urban transportation

Recently, the section from Xiaguan Station to Baiyunting Station of Metro Line 9 has achieved double-line penetration, and the shield machine is about to be dismantled and withdrawn from Baiyunting Station. Recalling the excavation process, Ge Wentao, the shield driver, said with a smile that he drove the slowest car in the world, which could only advance about 4 centimeters per minute, and built a fast-moving track that was convenient for citizens to travel.

The section tunnel starts from Xiaguan Station to Baiyunting Station and is paved to the south along Rehe South Road, and it is necessary to overcome the problem of silt stratum excavation in the Yangtze River floodplain during construction. “In such a formation, the shield is propulsed, which is equivalent to ‘cutting tofu with a knife’.” Ge Wentao said that in the early stage of construction, it is necessary to take soil every 30 meters for experiments, first find out the geological conditions, and then select the appropriate shield machine and cutterhead.

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