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The Masses Magazine Lishui District Practice Base was signed and unveiled

Lishui District

On July 4, the signing and unveiling ceremony of the Lishui District Practice Base of the Masses Magazine of the Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China was held in Lishui. Zhou Bin, editor-in-chief of the Masses Magazine, and Zhang Yun, secretary of the district committee, attended and jointly unveiled the practice base. Li Chenghua, deputy editor-in-chief of the Masses Magazine, Miao Xiumei, district mayor, and Xia Yun and Zhang Decai, district leaders, also attended.

The Masses magazine was founded in 1937. It is a political theory journal sponsored by the Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China. It plays an important role in the party’s ideological and theoretical propaganda, ideology, and public opinion guidance. Relying on the newly established practice base, the two sides will focus on key areas such as the development of new quality productivity, and provide intellectual support for the high-quality development of Lishui through holding special seminars and conducting research projects.

Zhou Bin said that Lishui’s economic and social development is showing a good trend, and a number of good experiences and good practices have been accumulated. Building a practice base in Lishui District will help the Masses Magazine to publicize and summarize Lishui’s reform and innovation practices. It is hoped that both parties will jointly build and use the practice base well, transform theoretical achievements into practical measures to promote work, and contribute to the construction of a “strong, prosperous, beautiful and high-level” new Jiangsu.

  In her speech, Miao Xiumei said that Lishui District will work with Masses Magazine to write a new chapter in spreading the voice of Lishui, expand new cooperation in developing new quality productive forces, create new models in expanding grassroots practices, and promote the Party’s innovative theoretical achievements to take root at the grassroots level.

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