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The integration of “mountains, rivers, cities, forests and rivers” paints the ecological beauty of the Happy Drum Tower

mountains, rivers, cities, forests and rivers

The afterglow of the setting sun falls on the shoreline of the Gulou Riverside, and the years flow slowly like a finger of quicksand. On the river, finless porpoises and cormorants chase and play, enjoying their poetic life; On the bank of the river, watching the sunset at the Yangtze River Smile Station, I personally felt the grandeur of Bai Juyi’s “half river and half river red”. The beautiful Drum Tower is always so intoxicating……

Building a beautiful city in the new era and creating a green development highland – In recent years, Gulou District has thoroughly studied and implemented Xi Jinping Thought on Ecological Civilization, effectively shouldered the political responsibility of ecological environmental protection, and strived to build a beautiful Drum Tower in the new era, taking the lead and demonstrating in green development and transformation development.

Improving temperament, “the integration of heaven, earth and air” to protect air quality

Take a multi-pronged approach to win the “battle to defend the blue sky”. In 2023, the environmental quality of Gulou District will continue to improve, with an average annual PM2.5 concentration of 28.0μg/m^3, an improvement of 0.4% year-on-year, the best in the past six years. The ratio of good days was 80.0%, an improvement of 0.5 percentage points year-on-year, and the ratio of good days improved year-on-year. Nowadays, the Drum Tower uses the “integration of heaven, earth and air” atmospheric environment monitoring, monitoring and command platform to make continuous efforts in scientific, professional and precise gas control.

Combined with the monitoring data of navigation and micro-stations, the Gulou Ecological Environment Bureau carried out on-site inspections around key enterprises involved in VOCs, university laboratories, catering enterprises, and canteen fumes, dynamically adjusted key inspection areas, and piloted “one enterprise, one policy” to promote “friendly emission reduction” by pollutant discharging units. At the same time, the residents will carry out linkage and cooperation on the problem of catering fumes disturbing the people, and the local streets will “blow the whistle”, and the ecological environment, market supervision, urban management, water affairs and other departments will “report”, focus on consultation, sort out one by one, one thing and one policy, and jointly rectify, strengthen the supervision, inspection and guidance of catering enterprises, and strengthen the maintenance of fume purification facilities, so that “fireworks” are close to the people and do not disturb the people.

2024 is a critical year for Gulou District to strive for a provincial-level ecological civilization construction demonstration zone, and it is also a year to launch a charge against pain points such as ozone pollution and noise and odor complaints.

Seek transformation and accelerate the “intelligent transformation and digital transformation” of traditional industries

Last year, Gulou District took the opportunity of developing a “1+2+3” modern industrial system to accelerate the “intelligent transformation and digital transformation” of traditional industries, encourage and support enterprises to innovate and develop high-efficiency and low-consumption products and processes, and jointly built the pilot area of the Jiangsu Electric Power Industry Pilot Park and the Green Shipping Industry-Education Integration Innovation Center to continuously expand the scale of green strategic emerging industries such as energy conservation and environmental protection and synthetic biology.

To strengthen the coordinated promotion of pollution control and carbon reduction and emission reduction, Gulou District has also strengthened the strategic cooperation with Nanjing University in the “double carbon” industry, supported the Nanzhi Carbon Neutrality Research Institute to carry out cutting-edge innovation around sodium-ion battery energy storage, accelerated the construction of a carbon management system (Nanjing) center with the Shanghai Environmental Exchange, and a carbon emission accounting platform with the Jiangsu Provincial Institute of Geological Survey, strengthened the monitoring and verification of carbon emissions of key units, and ensured that the intensity and total amount of carbon emissions continue to decline.

Painting scrolls, creating a number of provincial and municipal “happy rivers and lakes”

In the Drum Tower, a river with clear water, a finless porpoise chasing waves, verdant on both sides, and a long grass warbler flying…… In addition, the two major water systems of the main city of Nanjing, the Outer Qinhuai River and the Jinchuan River, have jointly painted an ecological picture of “harmony between man and water”.

Last year, Gulou District created two provincial-level and five municipal-level happy rivers and lakes such as the Yangtze River and the Northwest Moat of the Yangtze River and the Northwest Moat, and the completion rate of the “333” sewage quality and efficiency improvement standard area in the whole district reached 100%, and the discharge remediation of Shangyuanmen Pumping Station was selected as the second batch of typical cases of discharge remediation in the province. The management of water resources has achieved remarkable results, and it has been successfully selected as the sixth batch of national county-level water-saving social construction standard areas.

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