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The government data products in Gulou Square are updated again!

Recently, the data product “Market Operator Map Data of the Main Urban Area of ​​the Provincial Capital City (Nanjing Gulou)” (hereinafter referred to as “Market Operator Map”) was successfully listed on the Nanjing Data Trading Platform and obtained the data product registration certificate. This product is another exploration of Gulou District’s innovation of “data elements × financial services” to explore the authorized operation, development and utilization, circulation and trading of public data.

The market operator map data product is a government data product that was developed and created by Gulou High-tech Development Group Co., Ltd. with compliance authorization and substantial and innovative development. This product contains extremely high market value. By understanding the registered capital, business scope and other information of the enterprise at the first time, it can judge the investment value potential of the enterprise, grasp the market dynamics through horizontal comparison within the industry, provide important reference for business decision-making, and also help identify potential business risks.

As the digital economy enters the “fast lane”, it is becoming a general trend to open public data to the market for authorization. Since its establishment, the Gulou District Data Bureau has vigorously promoted the authorized development and utilization of public data, giving full play to the characteristics of public data such as clear subjects, clear rights and interests, large scale and high value, and creating more valuable data products. Under the guidance of the Municipal Data Bureau, relying on the Nanjing Data Trading Platform, through a series of standardized procedures such as compliance review and quality assessment, it enters the market for trading, promotes the further release of the value of public data elements, and allows public data resources to better benefit the people and the market. Up to now, the Gulou District data products listed on the Nanjing Data Trading Platform have involved industrial manufacturing, financial services, urban governance, transportation and other fields, fully reflecting the multiplier effect of data elements in enabling the real economy in efficient and compliant circulation.

In the next step, the Gulou District Data Bureau will continue to play a demonstrative role as the best district in the world, continue to take the realization of “supply”, “flow” and “good use” of data elements as the basic goal, accelerate the implementation of the “Data Elements ×” three-year action plan, lock in key tracks, explore typical application scenarios of data elements, and actively promote the high-quality supply and efficient circulation of data elements, helping to cultivate and expand Gulou’s new quality productivity.

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