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The first roundtable meeting of foreign-funded enterprises in 2024 was held

foreign-funded enterprises

In order to further strengthen regular communication and exchanges with foreign-funded enterprises and foreign business associations, improve corporate services, continue to optimize the business environment, and encourage foreign companies to develop in Changsha, on April 29, the Municipal Commerce Bureau and the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China Nanjing Branch The first “Foreign-funded Enterprise Roundtable” was jointly held. Key European enterprises from our city and Nanjing participated in this event. Yao Cheng, deputy secretary-general of the municipal government, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Peng Li, deputy director of the Municipal Commerce Bureau, presided over the meeting.

Yao Cheng pointed out in his speech that currently, the EU has become one of Changzhou’s most important trading partners, sources of foreign investment, and investment destinations. In the future, Changzhou will regularly hold roundtable meetings with foreign enterprises, serve as a “waiter” and “emergency doctor”, continuously optimize services, protect the development of enterprises, and strengthen the confidence and determination of foreign-funded enterprises to become bigger, stronger and better.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the European Chamber of Commerce in China, Nanjing Branch, Esther Escher said that the European Chamber of Commerce has been actively organizing visits and seminars in Changzhou. In the future, with the support of the Changzhou Municipal Government, it will introduce Changzhou to more European investors and at the same time better It provides convenience and service guarantee for EU enterprises to invest in Changchun.

The participating companies spoke freely and made exchanges on current operating conditions and difficult issues, future development plans, opinions and suggestions on the business environment, etc. Participating companies said that through the roundtable meeting, they had a better understanding of Changzhou’s business environment and policies and measures to attract foreign investment, which strengthened their confidence in investment and development in Changzhou.

The Municipal Commerce Bureau will implement ledger management of the problems and appeals reported by enterprises, continue to track and promote solutions, and use the roundtable mechanism of foreign-invested enterprises to communicate face-to-face issues to help deepen cooperation between the two parties and serve the development and growth of permanent foreign-invested enterprises.

Participants also visited the Changzhou National High-tech Zone Innovation Exhibition Center and gained an in-depth understanding of Changzhou High-tech Zone’s development in smart energy, new materials, new energy vehicles and core automotive parts, new generation information technology, new medicines and medical equipment, and high-end intelligent equipment. Strategic advantages and development results in manufacturing “two special, three new and one intelligent” industrial clusters.

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