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The first national project list


Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission publicly solicited opinions from the public on the “List of Green and Low-Carbon Advanced Technology Demonstration Projects (First Batch)”. The list includes 47 projects, including 8 hydrogen energy industry projects. The Aerospace Chenguang Chemical Machinery Branch in Lishui Aerospace Chenguang Yongyang Industrial Park The company’s high-parameter liquid hydrogen storage and transportation equipment project is listed among them. It is also the only project selected in the province.

Liquid hydrogen is liquid hydrogen formed by cooling hydrogen gas to extremely low temperatures (-253°C) and is usually used as fuel for rocket launches. The density of liquid hydrogen is much higher than that of gaseous hydrogen, so it can store more hydrogen in a smaller volume. For large-scale, long-distance hydrogen energy storage and transportation, liquid hydrogen storage has great advantages. Since the temperature of liquid hydrogen is extremely low and the temperature difference between it and the environment is large, the thermal insulation requirements for hydrogen storage containers are extremely high.

The technical team of this project carried out research on key aspects such as material selection, design, manufacturing, inspection, and testing of liquid hydrogen tanks, focusing on solving the problems of hydrogen-facing materials, welding processes, high-efficiency insulation, batch production processes, and high vacuum degree of liquid hydrogen tanks. With key core technical issues such as maintenance and inspection and testing, thermal management technologies such as active and passive low-temperature insulation such as vacuum aerogel insulation support heat transfer pathways, cold air recovery in the tank, and aerial radiant refrigeration are used to maintain the low temperature state of liquid hydrogen and reduce heat Transmission and evaporation loss – this key core technology has reached the domestic leading level, filling the domestic gap, and the product performance indicators have reached the same level abroad . The project mainly builds a production line with an annual output of 50 sets of high-parameter liquid hydrogen storage and transportation equipment. It is currently in the production line transformation stage and is expected to be trial-produced by the end of the year .

Hydrogen energy is one of the six future industries planned by Nanjing City, and Lishui is an important industrial cluster. Since this year, Yongyang Street has closely focused on the battlefield of manufacturing owners, cultivating and strengthening emerging industries and accelerating the formation of new productive forces. Currently, Yongyang Industrial Park has gathered 293 equipment manufacturing enterprises, including 138 enterprises above designated size and 71 high-tech enterprises. The relevant person in charge of Yongyang Street stated that they will actively sort out the hydrogen energy enterprises in the jurisdiction, focus on improving hydrogen energy supply capabilities, expand hydrogen energy application scenarios and cultivate the equipment manufacturing industry, and accelerate the recruitment of a number of hydrogen energy industry projects with demonstration and leading effects. Forming a new trend of industrial cluster development, injecting new momentum into the high-quality development of Lishui.

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