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The first batch of lists is announced

Four major categories and 25 good mechanisms, experiences and practices related to urban renewal were selected into the first batch of “List of Replicable Experiences and Practices in Implementing Urban Renewal Actions in Jiangsu Province”.

Selected projects in Nanjing

What innovative measures are there?

Let’s see together

Create a policy system

Introduce urban renewal measures

In June last year, our city issued the “Nanjing Urban Renewal Measures” (hereinafter referred to as the “Measures”), which includes 5 chapters and 38 detailed rules. (Click for details → “Nanjing Urban Renewal Measures” released! )

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Focusing on urban renewal types such as residential, production, public and comprehensive urban renewal, the “Measures” clarified the responsibilities of various departments in urban renewal work, proposed planning and planning, project implementation and other processes, and formulated planning approval, land supply, fire protection inspection and other procedures. , construction drawing review, real estate registration, funds, taxes and other policy support measures.

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Since being selected into the first batch of national urban renewal pilot cities, Nanjing has made in-depth explorations in improving work paths, promulgating supporting policies, formulating special plans, and refining technical standards, constantly expanding the policy “toolbox” for urban renewal, and effectively promoting urban renewal projects. Successful implementation.

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Explore financial balance

Xiaosongtao Lane land project

The Xiaosongtao Lane land project is located along Taiping South Road in the old town of Qinhuai. It is a mixture of courtyard buildings, multi-story buildings, historical buildings and shantytowns. The total land area is about 10,100 square meters and there are more than 200 residents. Last year, Xiao Songtao Lane officially entered the implementation stage of renovation and reconstruction.

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Cost control is a “must-answer” question facing every urban renewal project. In order to better protect historical buildings and preserve old objects and old streets, Xiao Songtao Alley underwent meticulous cleaning and reconstruction, which was time-consuming and labor-intensive. However, after preliminary calculations, the Xiaosongtao Lane project has explored a fund “on-site balancing” method. How is it achieved?

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Next, the Xiaosongtao Lane land parcel will adopt a simultaneous approach of “retention, renovation and demolition” to carry out micro-renovation and reconstruction of the land parcel, protect and reuse historical buildings, and eliminate risks for shanty town houses to further improve the residential function of the area. At present, the on-site house hazard elimination work has been basically completed, and on-site archaeological and other preparatory work is being carried out simultaneously.

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The completion effect of the Xiaosongtao Lane plot

Promote diverse participation

Lotus pond area project

Urban renewal is not only the renewal of the project itself, but also the renewal of social governance models and urban development concepts. In the Hehuatang area located in Shuangtang Street in the west area of ​​​​the south gate of the old city, a comprehensive renovation operation based on local conditions is underway.

Hehuatang Historical and Cultural Block is one of the 11 historical and cultural blocks announced by the city. It is a typical representative of Nanjing’s silk handicraft industry area during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Due to its long history, the building layout is chaotic, the houses are dilapidated, and the infrastructure is weak. There is an urgent need to improve the living environment and re-energize the neighborhood.

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The district has built a Hehuatang community co-construction center with “one center, four platforms and multiple subjects”, established a party building center, a joint discussion platform, a joint construction and implementation platform, a joint management and guarantee platform, and a joint governance and creation platform, and organized the Qinhuai District Renewal Office, sub-district , implementation entities and other departments to realize the physical operation of the joint construction center, promote the government to guide the diverse participation of society, discuss, jointly build, jointly manage and jointly govern. The project adopts a unit pilot approach to comprehensively carry out renewal work such as eliminating potential safety hazards in existing buildings, making up for shortcomings in municipal infrastructure, improving the livability of old residential areas, increasing the vitality of inefficient industrial land, and protecting and inheriting historical culture. At present, the construction of the micro-pipeline test section has been completed, and the Zeng Guobao Ancestral Hall is being protected and repaired.

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Innovative operation front-end

Yihe Road Block Project

Stroll among the sycamore trees and feel the history; take photos of magnolias on the street corners to freeze the beauty; visit art exhibitions to cultivate your body and mind. Following the principle of “retain, modify, demolish and add”, through revitalization and utilization, the old buildings on Yihe Road no longer “admire themselves”, but integrate into modern life together with the old neighbors, achieving the protection and regeneration of the entire block.

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At the beginning of the renovation of the Yihe Road Historical and Cultural Block, the operation model of “protection + culture + commerce” was established for the block. Based on this, the block business planning and operation plan was formulated, and through operation pre-operation, conditions were created for the revitalization and utilization of the block.

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Introduce high-quality operating units to intervene in planning and construction in advance, formulate project planning plans, and determine the business positioning and functional configuration ratios for later operations in the planning plans to continuously activate and utilize the space.

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