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The first batch of 3D printed carports are unveiled!

first batch of 3D printed

Nanjing first batch

Concrete 3D printed carport

Only 2.5 hours

On-site installation and implementation in Jiangbei New District Research and Innovation Park

The second batch will be assembled within this week

This energy-saving, green and environmentally friendly carport

How is printing and splicing completed?

“Digital Intelligence” Empowerment

3D printing saves construction costs

Cement, fly ash, silica fume, admixtures, steel fibers… six or seven different raw materials are added to the cement mixer in sequence. Connected through pump pipes, the 3D printer head on the side uses this new type of concrete as “ink” to “draw” the carport components in circles according to the prescribed route .

In less than 3 hours, a carport component with smooth curved lines was printed. The production process is basically automated, with only a small number of start-up personnel and repair personnel, and labor costs are greatly reduced.

“The structure and shape of the carport are generated from computer drawings and CNC programs are realized through a 3D construction printer. No molds are required and the cost is low,” said the person in charge of the factory. “Using digital modeling, various shapes and patterns can be customized according to the needs of the application scenario. , color, size, rapid prototyping, effectively saving construction time .”

Reduce process

3D printing is easy to install on site

First installed concrete 3D printed carport

6 meters long and 2.2 meters wide

Composed of 6 arc-shaped components

The carport can be equipped with intelligent charging and fire-fighting facilities

Meet the needs for parking and charging of non-motorized vehicles

Compared with traditional construction methods, 3D printing eliminates the need for processes such as formwork erection, reinforcement, cast-in-place, and removal of formwork, avoiding dust and noise problems caused by on-site construction, and saving labor and time costs.

Turning waste into treasure

3D printing helps green environmental protection

The carport printing material innovatively uses ultra-high performance concrete, which has the advantages of high flexural strength, fire resistance, explosion resistance and impact resistance. It is understood that compared with the traditional parking shed’s light steel structure + tensile membrane, the new concrete has better flame retardant effect and a service life of about 40 years .

As the project progresses, the factory sorts and selects construction waste to ensure that the waste meets material conversion standards. Through a series of scientific treatment and fine processing, these waste building materials have been given new life and turned into high-quality materials suitable for 3D printing, realizing the resource utilization of construction waste .

Energy saving, environmental protection, no pollution

Solid waste green recycling technology

Combined with 3D printing

can effectively solve

Problems with accumulation and disposal of construction waste

is to improve the green and circular economy of the construction industry

innovative measures

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