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The development of new quality productivity

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On March 16, Han Liming, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, conducted a special research on key transportation projects and intelligent logistics enterprises. She emphasized that it is necessary to deeply study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech when he participated in the deliberation of the Jiangsu delegation and the spirit of the National People’s Congress, to accelerate the construction of major transportation infrastructure projects, to build a modern comprehensive transportation system, to reduce logistics costs, and to provide strong support for accelerating the development of the new quality of productivity.

This year, included in the city’s urban construction plan of urban and rural comprehensive transportation infrastructure A project plans to invest 46.23 billion yuan.

Ningwu Railway expansion and transformation is a major project in the field of transportation and people’s livelihood, it is important to effectively solve the regional spatial segregation, noise interference, pollution emissions, traffic congestion and other issues of great significance, high social concern, and is currently being pushed forward in an orderly manner.

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Han Liming came to the construction site of the trenching section of the Nanjing South Tunnel, inquired in detail about the important nodes of the project, and understood the construction difficulties and solutions.
She said, Ningwu Railway expansion and transformation of the city and regional development has a strong traction and drive, to integrate quality and safety and time schedule, strengthen the communication and coordination of all parties, go all out to speed up the promotion, to ensure early completion. The implementation process should pay more attention to space integration and resource utilization, better connect the regional urban detailed planning, revitalization of idle land along the route and surrounding areas, to maximize economic and social benefits.

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The construction site of the section of National Highway 312 from Ningzhen Boundary to Qixianghe is a busy scene. Through the large-scale use of assembly construction technology, effectively improve the construction efficiency and reduce the impact of traffic.

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The project for the section of National Highway 312 from Ningzhen Boundary to Qixiang River.

Han Liming understood the progress of the project and the application of assembly construction, and hoped that the relevant parties would continue to promote the innovation of construction and building methods and the application of new technologies and techniques, and continuously improve the technical level and project quality.
She stressed that the key transportation infrastructure projects are integrated into and serve the Yangtze River Delta integration and development strategy, accelerate the integrated development of NingZhenYang first move, we should integrate the current and long-term, optimize the function and layout, broaden the investment and financing channels, systematic planning, rolling implementation, and constantly improve regional connectivity, smooth connection and smooth level.

Logistics is the “sinews” of the real economy. CPS Intelligent Transportation is a technology-based platform enterprise dedicated to providing intelligent logistics and digital supply chain solutions. In recent years, CPS Intelligent Transportation has been rooted in Nanjing to innovate and create, and through digital multimodal transportation model innovation, it has effectively promoted the industry to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Han Liming had a discussion with the relevant person in charge of the enterprise, learned in detail about the enterprise’s intelligent multimodal transportation system and capacity resource network, and congratulated the enterprise on its good development trend.

She said that smart logistics has strongly improved the quality of logistics elements and resource allocation efficiency, and is a key area to empower the industry to form new productivity. We hope that enterprises will play a better role in leading the demonstration, promote the accelerated integration of intelligent logistics and the real economy in various fields, help Nanjing build an efficient and smooth multimodal transportation system, better utilize the advantages of the “public, railway, water and air” three-dimensional transportation hub, and further open up the industrial chain and supply chain of the blockage points. Nanjing will continue to create a first-class environment and provide strong support for enterprises to grow bigger and stronger.

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