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The all-new model was unveiled, and the production place is in Nanjing

new model was unveiled

It ended not long ago

At the 2024 Beijing International Automobile Exhibition

Produced by the base of Nanqi Jiangbei New Area

The all-new Roewe D5X DMH SUV was unveiled

As the first SUV model of the Roewe “D family”, the Roewe D5X DMH is equipped with a new 1.5T DMH super hybrid system, which is matched with a dedicated 1.5T engine for superhybrids, a dedicated transmission for DHT-2 hybrids, and a 21.4kWh dedicated long-range battery for superhybrids. “The Roewe D5X DMH has successfully challenged the ‘Extreme Safety Crash Test’ of CAERI for three times, and also has the Yunsu intelligent cockpit that is standard with the ‘D family’, which comprehensively upgrades the driving experience.” The relevant person in charge of Nanqi Group introduced.
Nanqi Jiangbei New Area BaseIt is a SAIC own brand carOne of the important manufacturing basesThe models cover traditional fuel vehiclesand new energy vehicles.

In January this year, the Nanqi Jiangbei New Area Base Battery and New Energy Power Technology Plant project started, and the first phase of the project will have an annual production capacity of more than 240,000 sets of batteries, and the installed capacity is expected to reach more than 10-13GWh. According to the project plan, the main construction of the plant will be completed in August this year, and a stable mass production capacity will be formed by the end of the year.

The commencement of the project marks the continuous deepening and new breakthrough of the cooperation between Nanjing and SAIC, and is also a vivid practice of Jiangbei New Area to promote the transformation of new and old kinetic energy in the automobile industry.

Nanqi Jiangbei New Area Base.

The automobile industry is a pillar industry in Nanjing. In recent years, Nanjing has seized the development opportunities of new energy vehicles, adhered to the development direction of electrification, networking and intelligence, and accelerated the development of new energy vehicle industry clusters.

As one of the important supports of the city’s automobile industry, Jiangbei New Area has formed a complete industrial chain covering the manufacturing of key components such as vehicle-grade chips, motors, and batteries, vehicle manufacturing, intelligent network systems, vehicle-road coordination and terminal consumption.

Material innovation, technology upgrading

To evaluate whether a car is good or not, “insufficient materials” is the key criterion. In vehicle manufacturing and assembly, materials are one of the key factors that determine the quality of a vehicle.

For new energy vehicles, one of its advantages is smooth and quiet driving. Nanjing Julong Technology Co., Ltdrelies on the self-developed “three-step” dynamic vulcanization technology to develop thermoplastic elastomer products such as new energy vehicle motor sound insulation cover materials and communication equipment sealing materials, so that new energy vehicles can improve in shock absorption, noise reduction, sound insulation and other aspects.

“In addition, we have established the ‘Automotive Lightweight Composite Materials Joint Innovation Laboratory’ with SAIC Passenger Vehicle Central Laboratory and Donghua University to jointly promote the application of lightweight composite materials in auto parts, and the ‘SAIC-Volkswagen-Nanjing Julong Joint Innovation Laboratory’ with SAIC Volkswagen to jointly strengthen R&D and application cooperation in the fields of new materials, new technologies and new processes.” Nanjing Julong staff said.

Focus on lithium batteries to overcome the difficulties of separators

The energy efficiency of lithium batteries used in new energy vehicles is directly related to the mileage, service life, charging rate and safety of the vehicle. The four main materials of lithium batteries – positive electrode, negative electrode, electrolyte and separator, together determine the performance and cost of the battery. As the first domestic manufacturer to successfully develop lithium battery separator materials, the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene battery separator materials produced by Yangzi Petrochemical are one of the separator materials with the best comprehensive performance in the domestic market.

Yangzi Petrochemical Research Institute started the research and development of polyethylene lithium-ion battery separator material 10 years ago, and successfully produced polyethylene YEV-4500 for lithium-ion battery separator for the first time in 2017.

This is the first time that the special material for polyethylene for lithium-ion battery separator has been successfully developed in China, which fills the gap in China and ensures the safety of the domestic new energy vehicle battery material industry chain and supply chain.

With the increasing prosperity of the domestic new energy vehicle industry, Yangzi Petrochemical has continuously enriched its product categories and made breakthroughs in the market. Today, the production and sales of polyethylene lithium battery separator materials of Yangzi Petrochemical have increased significantly. In the first quarter, the output of lithium battery separator materials increased by 147% year-on-year, and the sales volume increased by 183% year-on-year.

Automotive chips escort travel

Running fast, but also to run safely, run smart, so a smart and clever “brain” is essential, as the command center of new energy vehicles, the automotive chip determines the upper limit of a car.

“Focusing on the automotive chip track, we have deepened the product layout, and the core team has successfully developed two new products, which have made new breakthroughs in both the functional performance of the product itself and the application scenarios.” The person in charge of Nanjing Yingruichuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. introduced. These two new products are general-purpose sensor chips SNU511 and SNU101, which have the advantages of high precision, fast response speed, rich categories, etc., and have passed AEC-Q100 automotive qualification, which can meet a variety of application scenarios. Not long ago, Yingruichuang brought these two chips to the International Sensor and Application Technology Exhibition.

In this exhibition, Yingrui’s USI general sensor chip has also received high attention, which is suitable for on-board air conditioning, brake assistance, vacuum assistance, light and rain sensing and other application scenarios, and has entered the supply chain of many vehicle manufacturers at home and abroad.

As one of the city’s four new energy vehicle industry bases, Jiangbei New Area is constantly improving its industrial layout, encouraging technological innovation, optimizing industrial supporting services, promoting “new” and improving quality with “intelligence”, consolidating its advantages in the tide of new energy vehicle development, and continuously enhancing its core competitiveness.

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