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The 6G era is coming!

The 6G era is coming!

From April 16th to 18th, the 2024 Global 6G Technology Conference hosted by the Future Mobile Communications Forum and Purple Mountain Laboratory was held in Nanjing with the theme of ” Innovation to Foresee the Future of 6G ” .

In June 2023, the International Telecommunications Union released the “Recommendation on the Framework and Overall Goals of IMT for 2030 and Future Development”, which proposed typical scenarios and capability indicator systems for 6G. The industry’s research and development and cooperation around 6G cutting-edge technology will also begin to move forward in 2024. Entered a new situation.
During this critical window period, international organizations, universities, major operators and core enterprises are accelerating 6G technology research and cooperation to jointly promote communication technology into the future.

Release of action plan to lead future industries with 6G technology

At the opening ceremony of the conference on the afternoon of April 17, Zijinshan Science and Technology City’s action plan to accelerate the cultivation of future industries led by 6G technology was officially released.
Jiangning Development Zone is making every effort to build Zijinshan Science and Technology City covering 43 square kilometers. Focus on accelerating the cultivation of future industries led by 6G technology. We will anchor the key areas of 3+x, implement six Zijin projects, introduce ten Zijin policies, and launch two Zijin recruitments .

3+x key areas

We will focus on building three high-growth future industries: advanced communications, future networks, and artificial intelligence. At the same time, x cutting-edge future industries will be cultivated.

Six Zijin Projects

Promote original innovation breakthrough projects, achievement transformation acceleration projects, major platform open source projects, industrial cluster building projects, application scenario traction projects, and element resource guarantee projects. Through industry chain-connected services, we will focus on cultivating high-growth technology enterprises and high-tech enterprises that specialize in special technologies, unicorns, and unicorns, and strive to attract and cultivate leading enterprises and industry backbone enterprises that are ecologically dominant and lead industrial development. .

Ten Purple Gold Policies

Support major special projects and standardization leadership, support the formation of innovation consortiums, support core chip and device research and development, support open sharing of platforms, support the gathering of satellite Internet companies, support the construction of low-orbit satellite ground infrastructure and test platforms, support artificial intelligence start-up companies, Support enterprises to develop large models of the artificial intelligence industry, support enterprises to upgrade, and support the gathering of X cutting-edge future enterprises.

Two Zijin recruitment

Future Industries “Zijin Think Tank” recruitment campaign, Future Industries “Zijin Partners” recruitment campaign.

Cutting-edge technological achievements show that 6G technology is expected to enter daily life in 2030

6G network architecture and key technologies, 6G wireless coverage expansion technology, 6G wireless air interface transmission technology, 6G high-density radio frequency front-end technology, 6G wireless network security architecture key technologies, 6G all-scenario on-demand service key technologies, and 6G satellite communication stereoscopic integration of space and earth Intelligent networking technology, etc. At the conference site, a batch of 6G cutting-edge technological achievements were displayed to everyone through static graphics, audio and video, and physical objects.

As one of the organizers of the conference, Purple Mountain Laboratory’s exhibition results include 6G end-to-end comprehensive test platform, 6G cellular-free wireless access network system and the world’s first 6G comprehensive laboratory completed in China .

According to reports, 6G standardization discussions will start in 2025 and are expected to be completed around 2028. 6G technology will be available for application in 2030.

The Global 6G Conference serves as a world bridge for technological innovation

The “Global 6G Technology Conference” is an international conference with extensive coverage and comprehensive content in the 6G field. It has been held for four consecutive times including this one, two of which were held in Nanjing.
This conference brings together the strength of internationally renowned organizations including Finland’s 6G Flagship, Japan’s 5G Forum (5GMF), Singapore’s Future Communications Program, China Communications Standards Association, China Communications Society, etc. , attracted a number of domestic and foreign scientists, engineers and industry leaders to share their insights and expectations for the future of 6G. The conference lasts for three days and is divided into main report and parallel forum. The main report of the conference and the “6G in the World” forum mainly focus on 6G vision analysis, 6G development routes in various countries and regions, 6G spectrum planning, 6G new services and applications, key technologies and innovation directions, standardization rhythm, etc. The parallel forum mainly includes eight cutting-edge directions: communication and AI integration, wireless synaesthesia integration, air, space and ground integration, network architecture and key technologies, trust and security, high-frequency wireless transmission and devices, future business and application conjectures, and new technologies. Material.

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