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Tertiary A hospital map update

A hospital map

With many well-known tertiary hospitals in our city

They are settling in new districts and suburbs one after another.

The pace of “external expansion” of large hospitals is getting faster and faster

The distribution of high-quality medical resources across the city is moving towards a balanced approach

The problem of residents’ difficulty in seeing a doctor has been effectively alleviated

jockeying for position

Many top tertiary hospitals “leave the city and cross the river”

The Jiangning Campus of Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is fully completed and is about to be put into operation. Photo by Nanjing Daily/Purple Mountain News reporter Feng Peng

It is understood that the indoor decoration and outdoor greening of Jiangning Campus of Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (hereinafter referred to as Jiangning Campus), located in Guli Street, Jiangning District, have been basically completed. The hospital’s internal cleaning and internal signs and signage installation are in progress simultaneously and will be put into operation in the near future. Trial operation .

Jiangning Hospital has a total construction area of ​​approximately 80,000 square meters and will provide approximately 500 beds in the future , including outpatient services, hospitalization, rehabilitation, medical technology, pharmacy, scientific research and teaching and other multi-functional services. It is a modern , intelligent and comprehensive medical rehabilitation hospital with distinctive traditional Chinese medicine characteristics .

Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zidong Campus. Photo provided by the hospital

Two years ago, the Zidong Campus of the Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Xianlin District, Qixia District was officially opened. The first phase covers an area of ​​approximately 68.25 acres, with a total construction area of ​​approximately 140,000 square meters and a total of 800 beds. The Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has dispatched more than 600 doctors, nurses, technicians, medicine and other medical staff from its headquarters to the Zidong Campus. Among them, there are many “hard-to-find” experts . A total of more than 1,000 staff members provide high-quality services to patients in the Zidong Campus. medical service.

The southern campus of Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital was opened on September 22 last year. Photo provided by the hospital

On September 22 last year, the southern campus of Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital in Lishui was officially opened. This is another branch of the hospital after the Jiangbei campus. Gulou Hospital has arranged a number of national clinical key points of national regional medical centers for the southern campus. Specialties and dominant disciplines have settled in , including more than 100 experts and famous experts from cardiovascular medicine, neurology, rheumatology and immunology, orthopedics and other departments who regularly visit the southern campus for consultation.

It is reported that all departments in the southern campus are extensions of the main departments and are managed under the same homogeneity as those at the Gulou Hospital headquarters.

The Dingjiazhuang campus of Nanjing Maternal and Child Health Hospital is undergoing exterior renovation. Correspondent Shi Yue Nanjing Daily/Purple Mountain News reporter Xu Qi

In addition, in June this year, the Dingjiazhuang campus of the Nanjing Maternal and Child Health Hospital will be unveiled ; the new campus of the Jiangsu Provincial Brain Hospital will also enter Jiangning – on April 18, the Jiangning Branch of the Nanjing Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau announced the Jiangsu Provincial Brain Hospital. The planning and design plan of the hospital project shows that the new campus of Jiangsu Provincial Brain Hospital is located in Chunhua, Jiangning, with a total planned land area of ​​about 110,000 square meters. The project plans to build an outpatient and emergency medical technology building, two ward buildings, A rehabilitation mission center, a training management building, basement and related auxiliary buildings.

Planning leads

From “city expansion” to balanced layout

After 2007

Major hospitals in Nanjing have launched a wave of “expansion” at their original sites

In order to prevent imbalances in medical resource bureaus

Provincial and municipal governments have made clear requirements

Strictly control the expansion of large hospitals

Plan for a balanced distribution of medical resources between the old city and the new district

In 2014, our city issued the “Recent Work Plan for Optimizing the Distribution of Medical Resources in the City”, which clearly stated that it would follow the development orientation of “going out of the city gate and crossing the Yangtze River” to guide the concentration of high-quality basic medical resources in new urban areas and areas with weak resources .

Villagers seek medical consultation at the Mujiazhuang Village Clinic in Gaochun, realizing one-stop medical treatment and medicine purchase at the entrance of the village. Photo by Nanjing Daily/Purple Mountain News reporter Duan Renhu and correspondent Gao Xiaoping

On July 9, 2017, the General Office of the Municipal Government issued the “Nanjing “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for Health and Modern Medical and Health System Construction” proposing to further strengthen medical and health service capabilities, the total amount of medical resources continues to increase, and urban and rural regional resources The allocation is more balanced, the total amount of health talent team construction is appropriate, and the structure is optimized. The number of beds in medical and health institutions per 1,000 permanent residents will reach 6.5. The grassroots capacity building has fully met the standards, the construction of urgently needed specialties such as children, psychiatry, and rehabilitation has been significantly improved, the overall strength of traditional Chinese medicine leads the country, medical science and technology capabilities have been further enhanced, and the level of smart medical services has been comprehensively improved.

According to Tang Lei, chief engineer of the Urban and Transportation Planning Institute of the Jiangsu Provincial Urban Planning and Design Institute, in recent years, the space in the main campus of large hospitals has been “strained”. In addition, coupled with problems such as traffic congestion and parking difficulties in the main urban areas, large hospitals have been “externally” facing problems. “Expansion is an inevitable trend. “ The successful expansion of large hospitals and their establishment in new areas is due to the strong guidance of advanced planning .”

Complete supporting facilities

The expansion of large hospitals is a win-win situation for all parties

Expansion of tertiary hospitals

Not only did it bring a brand new hospital building to the local area,

Advanced medical equipment

more importantly

More and more expert resources are “influxing”

Significantly improve the quality of medical services in new areas and suburbs

The southern campus of Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital completed its first cardiac surgery last week. Photo provided by the hospital

Branches of large hospitals have expanded out of the city and across the river, and high-quality medical resources have radiated not only to new cities and suburbs, but even to residents in surrounding Xuancheng, Wuhu, Ma’anshan, Changzhou, Zhenjiang and other places .

Statistics show that since its opening, the Zidong Campus of the Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has served nearly 863,000 patients annually, including more than 1,000 emergency department visits in a single day and 21,656 discharged patients . Since its opening, the southern campus of Gulou Hospital has received an average of The number of patients is nearly 900 , and the hospital bed utilization rate is 80% .

“In addition to residents of Xianlin area, there are also many patients from Jurong, Yangzhou, Changzhou and other places who come for treatment.” said the person in charge of the Zidong Campus of the Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The relevant person in charge of the Qixia District Health Commission also said that the “one hospital and two districts” of Nanjing Maternal and Child Health Hospital Mochou Road Campus and Dingjiazhuang Campus will operate simultaneously. In addition to further enriching the supply of high-quality medical resources in the northern area of ​​the city, it can also Benefit more residents in surrounding areas and accelerate the expansion of high-quality medical resources and balanced regional layout.

“The accelerated expansion of large hospitals will be a win-win situation for the hospitals themselves, surrounding sectors, and residents of the new city,” Tang Lei said.

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