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Taste of the New Year of Nanjing

Taste of the New Year of Nanjing

To the new and open new scenery, full of scenery drunk Nanjing. Nanjing, with mountains and rivers city forest to build bones, to distant culture cast soul, time here landing roots, into a poetic, fireworks world.

“The great river comes from the mountains, and the mountains are exhausted and the river flows east.” Qixia Mountain, Niushou Mountain, Shogunu Mountain, Lion Rock Mountain, Qingliang Mountain, Jilong Mountain surrounding the main urban area, Qinhuai River, Xuanwu Lake, Moqiu Lake, create Nanjing with mountains and rivers as the major pattern of the landscape. There is a whisper of “mountain”, “Wuding bridge on the moon, dim looking at purple Mountain”; There is “water” delicate, Xuanwu Lake water is calm, ten miles Qinhuai, thousands of years flowing, all the way legend; Here there is the mark of “beauty”, scattered with the shining wisdom of ancestors, and also opened the picture of ancient and modern civilizations merging into a city.

Jin Ling Hua, Zhong Lingyu Xiu, long, read everything. The Spring Festival is approaching, the ancient capital of Nanjing is full of lights and decorations, and welcomes visitors from all over the world with a beautiful face and an open attitude. New Year’s taste, I still like Nanjing. Come to Nanjing to celebrate the New Year and open your exclusive memories!

Jinling New Year flavor, lies in a “noisy” word

Qin Huai spring water six dynasties Xing, mistook the Milky Way star as a lamp. Qinhuai Lantern Festival has the reputation of “the world’s first Lantern Festival” to build dreams on earth. Qinhuai lantern color with colorful paper to highlight the romantic imagination, across thousands of years, ancient and modern circulation.

“Fung sound moving, jade pot light rotation, fish and dragon dance all night.” When the seven exhibition areas of 330 groups of different sizes and shapes of the theme of lanterns “dragon” reappeared, Jinling’s “New Year flavor” is strong. Under the city wall of the Ming Dynasty, the “Dragon Flourishing”, the dragon circling, the head high, with the potential to take off to open the bright and dazzling lights; Stretching under the ancient buildings on the east side of the three battalions, the “Divine Dragon in the Day” has 24 turns as a whole to subtly correspond to 2024; More than 30 dragon lanterns of different shapes are set up in streets, squares and other areas to “fill” the atmosphere of the New Year.

Jinling New Year flavor, lies in a “incense” word

“Clouds out of the sea dawn, plum willow crossing the river spring.” The plum blossoms in Nanjing come early and bloom brightly. Plum appreciation is one of the indispensable blessings of spring in Nanjing. “The first meishan in the world” Meihua Mountain of Ming Xiaoling, during the Spring Festival every year, the mountain of plum blossoms opens, red plum, pink plum charming, white plum Gao Jie, green Meiqing ya… Xuanwu Lake Park wax plum is also open, thin shadow oblique, stars, walking Fang bridge can smell the air filled with light fragrance. Looking at the garden of wax plum big hidden in the city, quiet, a wisp of fragrance know spring near. In the south of the city, Ganxi’s former residence and Hu’s garden have also planted wax plum, which reflects the beauty of the ancient house and has a unique charm. Plum blossoms Jinling, fragrance all over the city.

Jinling New Year flavor, lies in a “elegant” word

Jiangnan beautiful land, six dynasties elegant collection. Nanjing is the city of museums, elegance is the background color here, in the museum can experience the unique elegance of Nanjing. The New Year special exhibition of Nanjing Museum “Return to Flow — the Eastward evolution of Chu Culture in Jianghuai Area” will take you through the long river of history and enjoy the elegance of Chu culture; Nanjing Museum (Chaotian Palace) “Chinese Dragon – Jiachennian New Year Exhibition” lets you see the infinite charm of “Chinese dragon”, “Imagination dragon”, “flying dragon”, “Auspicious dragon”, “Supreme dragon” and “Jinling Dragon” focus on displaying Nanjing area “dragon” shaped cultural relics and folk intangible heritage exhibits; Nanjing City Wall Museum opens the annual exhibition “Datang Treasure – Famen Temple Underground Palace Cultural Relics Exhibition” to take you to explore the mysteries of cultural relics and dream back to the glory of The Times. In addition to watching the New Year exhibition, you can also go to the Nanjing Folk Custom Museum to experience the old Nanjing folk custom, and go to the Jiangning Weaving Museum to recall the former prosperity of the Red Chamber Dream Grand View Garden.

During the Spring Festival, a series of excellent performances and plays come one after another, bringing a delicate and beautiful artistic feast. Performances such as “Dragon Leap and Tiger Leap — 2024 Nanjing Chinese Orchestra Lantern Festival Concert”, Huangmei Opera “Celestial Match”, drama “More Than Moonlight in Front of the Window”, Tang Dynasty ritual and Music Restoration Group “Millennium Tang Music” were staged in major theaters; In Zhonghua Gate, “Heart Seal • Zhonghua Gate” tells the story of the ancient city wall and flows with the poetic character of Jinling; The immersive interactive opera garden performance – Jinling • The Past Events of the Royal Palace combines history, garden and opera, integrates modern technology, and leads visitors to dream back to the old prosperity of the “First Garden of Jinling”; Happy twist drama “My Mother” has a laugh, tears… Watching a good play, listening to a song of gongs, drums and strings, and coming to Nanjing to catch up on the drama is a new fashion experience. I believe that the “knot” here will eventually become your obsession for a long time.

The elegance of Nanjing not only exists in museums and theaters, but also integrates into the urban fabric. It can be said that the whole city is the carrier of elegance. Stop at Jinling at night to taste the beautiful drunken mood of Zhu Ziqing’s OARS, sound and lamp-shadow; Explore a river clear wave, see a bright moon, listen to the romantic legend of the peach leaf ferry, count the small tile horse head wall, experience Wu Jingzi “dish maid bartender have six dynasties smoke water gas”. Careful taste, slowly found that the Spring Festival of Jinling, half of the cultural infiltration of the “spring” meaningful, half of the hot rising “festival” of the arbitrary, natural and humanistic school of harmony.

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