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Symbol of high-quality development in Nanjing


Spring is the first, everything is the first. On the tenth day of the first month of the lunar calendar, the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government held the city’s new industrialization and industrial strong city promotion conference, and clearly proposed that scientific and technological innovation enable industrial innovation, promote the development of new quality productivity, and make new quality productivity become the most distinctive symbol of Nanjing’s high-quality development.

Why does the “First Hour of the New Year” take nurturing and developing new quality productivity as its theme?

For one thing, it is the stage of development. High-quality development has entered a new stage, and only by making subversive and incremental breakthroughs in new areas and new qualities can we achieve high-quality new growth. Nanjing’s development is at a key stage of momentum transformation. To solve the historical economic structural contradictions, it is necessary to speed up the innovative allocation of production factors, technological revolutionary breakthroughs and industrial transformation and upgrading, which is the “Huashan road” for Nanjing’s high-quality development.

Second, it is Nanjing’s advantage. As we all know, it is necessary to attach great importance to the scientific discovery of “from 0 to 1”, but also to promote the breakthrough and transformation application of “from 1 to 100”, especially “from 1 to 10”. It is necessary to open up the “two veins” of the transformation of advantages, speed up the new quality productivity led by scientific and technological innovation, and industrial competitiveness marked by clusters and strong chains, and realize the mutual promotion of science and technology and industry.

Third, it is the temperament of the city. Nanjing, a city with profound cultural heritage, is simple and clever, literary and romantic, and has never lacked the gene of innovation and creation. Embracing new areas and new qualities, and treating all new things with enthusiasm, should become the strongest IP of the city, and become a social culture and spiritual trait.

One quote from its outline, all eyes are open. The development trajectory of a city is closely related to the liberation and development of productive forces. Cultivating and developing new quality productive forces is something that Nanjing should do, must do, and can do well.
Accelerating the formation of new quality productive forces is not only a development proposition, but also a reform test question. On the first session of the Chinese New Year, the direction and goals have been clearly defined, and the key is to answer the required questions well and use winning tactics.
Make bold progress towards the new. Innovation is the core element for developing new productive forces. Nanjing should closely follow the “bull’s nose” and continue to do a good job in innovation, taking the construction of a globally influential industrial science and technology innovation center as an important focus. It should coordinate scientific and technological innovation with industrial innovation, vigorously build a connected system for transforming scientific and technological achievements, continuously open up new fields, create new value, shape new momentum, and stimulate new advantages of new productive forces.
Build a strong foundation. Without the modernization of the industrial system, there can be no economic modernization. Nanjing should focus on the front page headline of the economic work of building a strong industrial city, accelerate the construction of the “4266” industrial system, pay attention to both the future of industries and future industries, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries throughout the entire chain, and on the one hand, concentrate on strengthening emerging industries, forward-looking layout of future industries, seize key tracks, form a first mover effect, and cultivate new momentum for new quality productivity.
Integrate and coexist. Cultivating new productive forces involves various entities such as enterprises, governments, talents, and society. “Dragon boat racing, where one’s heart is united, wins.”. Nanjing needs to closely integrate the innovation chain, industry chain, capital chain, talent chain, and the “four chains”, make good use of the “tangible hand” of the government and the “invisible hand” of the market, comprehensively build an industrial innovation ecosystem with efficient coordination of multiple entities and the aggregation and integration of various factors, allowing business entities and various talents to “take on the main role” and unleash infinite vitality of innovation and creation.
If you walk the right way, you are not afraid of being far away! For Nanjing, high-quality promotion of new industrialization, high-level development of new productive forces, and making new productive forces the most distinctive symbol of this city, there are no waiting opportunities and excitement, only results and achievements that are solidly and solidly worked out. Let us inspire the spirit of dragon and horse, with the drive of leaping like a tiger and fish leaping over a gate, step by step, and strive to deliver a new answer sheet that leads the way in high-quality development.

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