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Strive for big projects and make a good start!

big projects and make a good start

Continuous construction during the Spring Festival
A batch of provincial and municipal major project sites
Builders stand firm on the front line of the project
Ignite the “New Year Red” with a hardworking and practical attitude
Accelerated construction of four subway lines.

Elevated section between Ningqiao Road Station and Jiangning Station of Nanjing Malaba Line, Mount Wutai Station, Shanghai Road Station, Chaotiangong Station, Sanshanjie Station, Xiaguan Station, Nanjing West Station of Line 5, Nanhu Station to Mochou Lake Station of Line 7, Mingbin Road to Liuzhou East Road of Line 11. During the Spring Festival, the construction of these four subway lines in Nanjing has accelerated. At the civil construction site, hundreds of construction workers were working in an orderly manner, with continuous reinforcement binding and concrete pouring. Each team on the construction site shall strengthen emergency management and strictly follow the emergency plan and disposal measures in the face of emergencies to ensure construction safety.
In order to ensure the normal progress of various construction processes during the Spring Festival period, Nanjing Metro has made advance layout, unified planning of construction arrangements during the Spring Festival period, made arrangements for management personnel to be on duty during the Spring Festival, strictly implemented daily inspection systems, arranged for dedicated personnel to conduct comprehensive inspections of the construction site’s enclosure and sealing, bare soil coverage, dust control, etc., and arranged for construction personnel to provide logistical support and safety technical briefing, Ensure the orderly and safe construction during the Spring Festival, strengthen the safety defense line, and provide a more solid guarantee for safety production.

At the construction site of Mingbin Road Station on the first phase of Metro Line 11 at Mingfa Bund Plaza, an intelligent large screen displays the busy figures of workers underground. The main structure of Mingbin Road Station has been capped, and the shield tunneling on the right line of the Mingbin Road Station Liuzhou East Road Station section started from Mingbin Road Station last year and is currently being excavated as planned. This section is about 740 meters long and is currently halfway through. Due to being on a downhill slope, it is necessary to continuously push in, so it cannot be stopped during the Spring Festival period.

During the Spring Festival holiday, the Xin’ai High end Substrate Phase I project in Pukou District, where enterprises strive to make a good start by strengthening the supply chain and supplementing the supply chain, continuously installing equipment, rushing to meet the project schedule and progress, and striving to make a good start. This project focuses on the research and development, production of core materials for the integrated circuit industry – high-end substrates. The project plan has a total investment of 10 billion yuan and will be implemented in two phases. The first phase will have a total investment of 4.5 billion yuan. After full completion and production, it is expected that the annual production of high-end substrates will reach 1.45 million pieces, with an annual output value of about 4 billion yuan. . It is expected that the annual tax payment will be about 200 million yuan, which will drive employment for about 2,400 people. At present, the first phase of the project has been fully completed, and some production equipment has been installed, debugged, and produced on a small scale.
Equipment installation and debugging is a continuous and precise process. In order to achieve continuous debugging, the project team has chosen to seize the golden opportunity of the Spring Festival and continuously conduct testing, optimization, and re optimization.

The new landmark of the Xinjiekou commercial district, Jinling Central, belongs to the East Iron Pipe Lane plot, adjacent to Wangfu Street to the west and Zhongshan South Road to the east. As a new member of the Xinjiekou commercial district, the underground will seamlessly connect with the subway and underground space through channels. On the ground, buildings from different plots are connected through aerial corridors. After the project is fully completed and put into use, it will inject new vitality into the consumption upgrade of the Xinjiekou commercial district and assist in the construction of Nanjing as an international consumption center city.
During this year’s Spring Festival, the Jinling Central Project in Qinhuai District continued construction without closing, adding bricks and tiles to urban construction with the perseverance of the New Year. At present, multiple buildings have been completed, leaving only the commercial podium under accelerated construction .
To ensure the normal progress of construction during the Spring Festival, the project department has made arrangements in advance from various aspects such as safety and quality, process progress, and pre holiday stability maintenance, actively communicating with the labor team, and coordinating materials in advance ; At the same time, in order to allow construction workers to experience the “New Year’s flavor” in Nanjing, the project party fully guarantees the work and life of workers during the holiday, continuously provides sufficient New Year’s supplies, and provides a good rest environment.

The Jianning West Road Cross River Passage is located between the Yangtze River Bridge and the Yangtze River Tunnel, directly connecting the main city and the core area of ​​Jiangbei New Area. It is of great significance for driving the development of Jiangbei New Area and also an important diversion channel to alleviate the traffic pressure of the Yangtze River Bridge. During the Spring Festival, employees from the construction department of the third and fourth sections of the Jiangnan Connection Line of Jianning West Road Cross River Tunnel – Main Line Tunnel East Extension Project ” give up their homes and take care of everyone”. They do not close during the Spring Festival and strive to celebrate the new year.
At the site of the third section, on-site management personnel and workers strictly control every step of the construction of MJS retaining piles on site, ensuring that there are no omissions during the construction process, and making full preparations for the excavation of foundation pits and subsequent pipe jacking construction work after the year. At the site of Section 4, the construction of the B foundation pit three-axis mixing pile is busy. The project department has arranged a dedicated person to supervise pipeline safety, optimize the three-axis construction sequence, seize time, ensure traffic, optimize management personnel configuration, and seize the key construction period during the Spring Festival to create favorable conditions for subsequent construction arrangements.

People are diligent, spring comes early, and a new year begins
The steady promotion of major projects in our city
With the aim of expanding effective investment
The vision of “taking good steps and starting a good game”
Hopes for Spring

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