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Sprint to the goal of 10 billion, Lishui this park

Sprint to the goal of 10 billion, Lishui this park

Aiming at the new track of the industryStrong chain complements chain and extends chainIn the first quarter, contracts were signed and settled4 projects of more than 100 million yuan Honglan Street is taking on a new look Accelerate the sprint to the goal of 10 billion yuan in the park industry.

“Faucet” agglomeration

Unleash powerful kinetic energy

There are more than 80 industrial enterprises above designated size, 45 high-tech enterprises, and 14 provincial and municipal research centers…… At present, Honglan is speeding up the formation of industrial clusters based on core automotive parts and precision machinery manufacturing.

Walking into the workshop of Nanjing Baize Machinery Co., Ltd., it is busy. As a leading enterprise in China’s lithium battery slitting knife holder industry, Baize Machinery will settle in Honglan Precision Manufacturing Industrial Park in 2020 and promote the construction of the base while leasing plant production. At present, the first phase of the production base project has been completed, and the output value is expected to reach 500 million yuan this year.

At the same time, the construction of the Fenghan Auto Parts and Precision Machinery Manufacturing Industrial Park with an investment of 450 million US dollars is currently being accelerated. The industrial park covers an area of 200 acres and will introduce high-end auto parts and precision manufacturing enterprises, with an estimated annual output value of 2 billion yuan after it is put into operation.

Ningbo Shiram is the “invisible champion” in the field of automotive wiring harness, its subsidiary Nanjing Shilamb Parts Co., Ltd. settled in Honglan Street, last year just put into production on the scale of the enterprise, this year and signed the domestic leading enterprises of the “big order”, the new energy plastic parts and automotive cooling pipes, energy storage tube research and development, can bring 40 million yuan of revenue for the company; It is expected that the company’s output value will reach 140 million yuan this year, and it will achieve an annual output of 50 million meters of plastic parts and 20 million pieces of injection molding within 5 years.

Yttrium high-end precision production project is one of the major projects under construction, engaged in the production of machine tools and supporting core components, with a total investment of 800 million yuan. After the first phase reaches production, it can achieve an annual output of 5,000 six-axis special precision CNC turntables and 300 high-end CNC machine tools, with an estimated annual output value of more than 200 million yuan and a tax revenue of more than 14 million yuan.

Nest and raise phoenixes

Cultivate fertile soil for industrial development

“The neighborhood center in the park is under construction, and our employees are looking forward to it! In the past few days, Zhang Lingfeng, who works in Honglan Industrial Park, passed by Nanjing Mingyu Auto Parts Co., Ltd. on Huatang Road, and went to see the progress of the construction of the neighborhood center in the factory.

In order to solve the problems of insufficient supporting facilities in the park, Honglan Street made overall use of the newly built Mingyu project complex building and other facilities, explored the trial implementation of the “blue-collar apartment” model, provided enterprises with public canteens, staff apartments, supermarkets and other living service facilities, and built a shared industrial neighborhood center in the park.

“Our business is less than 500 meters away from the neighborhood center, and the park is well-equipped, which is more conducive to our retention of workers. The relevant person in charge of Nanjing Shiram Auto Parts Co., Ltd. said that in addition to improving the supporting facilities, Honglan Street has provided a full range of services from early investment to plant construction and personnel recruitment.

In recent years, Honglan Street has seized the opportunity to integrate into the main city, accelerated the improvement of the park’s infrastructure construction and urban supporting functions, comprehensively improved its transportation advantages, and accelerated the integration of industry and city in the park. “The park adheres to the project as the king, continuously deepens the nanny service and full life cycle management of major projects, and improves the production and development environment of enterprises.” The person in charge of Honglan Street Enterprise Service Center introduced.

In terms of the daily service of the enterprise, Honglan Street implements the whole process of key projects in accordance with the requirements of “nothing is disturbed, and something must be done”.to promote the rapid construction, fast production, and fast efficiency of the project. At the same time, by tracking the economic indicators of enterprises and daily visits, we can grasp the dynamics of enterprises in a timely manner and provide accurate services – providing support in terms of capital and employment for enterprises with good growth, and understanding the reasons for data decline in time to help avoid risks.

The relevant person in charge of Honglan Street said that the park will continue to adhere to the concept of “business-oriented, pro-business, safe business, and rich businessmen”, do a good job in service guarantee with heart and affection, fully support enterprises to become bigger and stronger, and accelerate the construction of a “small and refined” and “specialized and refined” “10 billion-level” industrial park.

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