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Spring In Lishui

Spring In Lishui

Spring has arrived, all things are alive,

Every moment you raise your head becomes a spring-limited moment,

Chun and Jingming have invited you countless times.

Discover “Spring, the most beautiful water in Lishui” !

In spring, the plum blossoms on Meihua Mountain beside Fujia in Lishui are in full bloom, like clouds and clouds. Looking around, red, pink and white plum blossoms of various colors are blooming. The sea of ​​flowers is like a tide, and the subtle fragrance is floating. They complement the antique pavilions and pavilions, making the spring scenery extra bright.

“Plums are a good way to live a beautiful life in Li.” The 2024 Nanjing Lishui Plum Blossom Festival has begun wonderfully! A night plum check-in point was set up on site, which, against the backdrop of lights, gave the plum blossoms a unique romance and haziness. This Plum Blossom Festival lasts until the end of March, let’s experience the artistic conception of “sparse shadows, dark fragrance, and floating moonlight at dusk”~

The shore is full of Zhitinglan, lush and green. In April, when spring is getting stronger, the sea of ​​green grass in Shijiu Lake is like the rich oil paint of a painter.

The boundless sea of ​​grass, a trestle and watchtower leading to the lake, the rich artistic atmosphere… Let us wait patiently together. Until April, the unique seasonal beauty will suddenly make this place a must-visit internet celebrity in spring. land.

In Zhongshan Lake in spring, the lake water is the most layered, with green near and deep blue in the distance. Pure colors and clean air make people feel comfortable.

The stars on the lake are dancing and the waves are sparkling. Come to Zhongshan Lake for a romantic date in spring

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