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Smart Recreation Industry and Education


A few days ago, “Wisdom Recreation and Nutrition” and “Wisdom Recreation and Nutrition Industry-Teaching Integration Practice Base” awarding ceremony of Nanjing Medical University School of Nursing were successfully held in Gulou Hi-Tech Zone, Yuexing Planet-Digital Medical Innovation Center. Lu Min and Wang Yuan, leaders of Gulou District, Xia Youbing, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of Nanjing Medical University, Ma Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee of School of Nursing, Xu Qin, Dean of School of Nursing, and Hou Wenxian, Chairman of Yuexing Planet Industry-City-Science Service Group, etc. attended the event.

Wang Yuan, director of Gulou Hi-tech Zone Management Committee, delivered a speech at the inauguration ceremony, saying that the Hi-tech Zone will, as always, strongly support the construction and development of the practice base, provide more high-quality services for the development of university-enterprise cooperation and the deep integration of industry, academia and research, and provide stronger support for the innovation and development of the wisdom and health care industry.

Hou Wenxian, Chairman of Yue Planet Industry City Science Service Group, introduced the operation of Yue Planet Digital Medical Innovation Center. Planet Yue will continue to explore the road of science and technology innovation-oriented industrial park operation, through building platforms and establishing systems, in-depth services for high-quality projects, to promote the landing of industrial investment projects, and to promote the formation of industrial agglomeration effect.

The activity site released the park industry-university-research cooperation projects, this activity is also the Gulou District to deepen the results of university cooperation work embodied. On the site of the event, the unveiling ceremony of “Wisdom Recreation Industry, University and Research Integration Development Base” was held.

At the end of the activity, Lu Min, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Standing Committee of Gulou District People’s Congress, and Xia Youbing, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of Nanjing Medical University, delivered their concluding speeches respectively, highly praised the cooperation between the College and the Park, and expected that both parties would take the awarding ceremony as a new starting point to promote the construction of the base together. With the goal of “accepting the results after one year”, through the platform of “Wisdom Recreation Industry-Education Integration Practice Base”, the two sides are committed to achieving substantial results in education innovation, scientific research innovation, industrial development, service optimization and so on.

In the next step, under the support of information technology and digital economy, relying on “intelligent medical care, intelligent construction”, “intelligent recreation industry-education fusion practice base” will inject a new impetus for the development of intelligent recreation industry, and contribute Gulou strength to the implementation of the strategy of healthy China.

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