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Selected as a national pilot project! Nanjing’s intelligent connected vehicle development has reached a new level

Nanjing's intelligent connected

Nanjing has a new national pilot! Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and five other departments announced the list of “pilot cities for the application of intelligent connected vehicles’ vehicle-road-cloud integration'”. A total of 20 cities (districts) across the country were included in the scope of this pilot, and Nanjing was on the list and successfully selected! This also means that the development of intelligent connected vehicles in Nanjing has reached a new level.

In recent years, Nanjing has regarded the development of intelligent connected vehicles as an important direction for cultivating new quality productivity, and has been approved as a number of national pilot projects closely related to intelligent connected vehicles, such as the “dual intelligence” pilot city, the artificial intelligence innovation application pilot zone, and the Internet demonstration city.

Why was Nanjing selected into the list of “pilot cities for the application of intelligent connected vehicles, ‘vehicle-road-cloud integration’”?

Starting from clusters and building a high-quality chain ecosystem for the entire industry,

to lay out infrastructure and lay a solid foundation for interconnection and interoperability.

Then, we can create multi-dimensional scenarios and enrich application services.

Nanjing is committed to innovation and forging ahead on the road to the development of intelligent connected vehicles, and now has achieved fruitful results.

▶In Jiangning Development Zone, we focus on the research and demonstration application of cutting-edge technologies for connected autonomous driving. Unmanned taxis can be directly connected to the T3 travel operation and dispatching platform. Through mobile phone APP, unmanned taxis can be called with one click in planned areas such as Jiangsu Software Park, Baijia Lake, and Nanjing Lukou International Airport. The large-scale commercial application of intelligent connected vehicles has also been promoted;

▶In Qinhuai Baixia Hi-tech Zone, urban road application scenarios such as congested sections, red light warning, and full obstacle recognition at intersections have been successfully developed;

▶In the Science and Technology Ecological Island in Jianye District, precision bus demonstration lines, island sightseeing lines, and passenger shuttle lines have been opened. More than 40 intelligent network connections and local characteristic scenes such as blind spot warnings and intersection collision warnings have also been developed here.

▶In Lishui Development Zone, the demonstration application of autonomous driving buses has been carried out smoothly around the circular connection between transportation hubs and industrial carriers. After two years of trial operation, a complete operating mechanism and management methods for intelligent connected commercial vehicles have been formed, and the number of demonstration operations is no less than 400 vehicles per year.

It is reported that Jiangning, Jianye, Qinhuai, Lishui and other districts have launched special projects such as “precision bus demonstration” and “autonomous driving shuttle”. In addition, Nanjing’s autonomous driving shuttle has served a total of 40,000 people, and its data application exploration in the fields of public transportation and parking lots is leading in the province.

In Nanjing

Enterprises continue to make efforts

Use new technologies, new research, new scenarios, etc.

Creating more possibilities for future cars

T3 Mobility , which has a nationwide presence, is actively promoting the commercial operation of autonomous driving, which has covered autonomous driving cloud control platforms, autonomous driving operations and services, and entrepreneurial ecosystem expansion, and has achieved scene operations on open roads, core transportation hubs, business districts, and closed parks. Within three years, T3 Mobility plans to deploy more than 1,000 vehicles in Nanjing.

China Automotive Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. , which has leading vehicle-side connected product technology , has completed preliminary resource integration by relying on a series of core technologies such as connected collaborative intelligent driving technology, information security technology, and artificial intelligence technology. It has implemented the development path of the “vehicle-road-cloud integration” Chinese solution in Jiangsu Software Park. Relying on forward-looking technology and product advantages, it supports the implementation of the “vehicle-road-cloud integration” Chinese solution in Nanjing, and fully empowers Nanjing to build a benchmark city for “vehicle-road-cloud integration” technology innovation;

Jiangsu Future Urban Mobility Technology Group Co., Ltd. , which integrates digitalization, networking and intelligence , has integrated the city’s data and artificial intelligence industry chain resources to build, develop and operate the first open application scenario demonstration area for autonomous driving in China and abroad – the New Public Transportation City Pilot Area (Jiangxinzhou). It promotes the enrichment and improvement of intelligent transportation application scenarios, promotes the implementation of advanced technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence, drives the deep integration of the automotive, software and artificial intelligence industry chains, promotes the construction and development of smart cities, and creates a new business card for smart city transportation in Nanjing.

It is worth mentioning that Nanjing has also taken the lead in participating in the formulation of 37 standards of various types. Relying on major headquarters-type innovation platforms, it has taken the lead in building the Internet of Vehicles standard system in the Yangtze River Delta and Jiangsu Province, and carried out mutual recognition of standards within the province. At present, various test platforms such as the intelligent networked vehicle network target range platform and in-loop simulation test have been built, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s Internet of Vehicles identity authentication and security trust pilot work has been completed with high standards.

Relevant person in charge introduced that at present, Nanjing has more than 500 upstream and downstream enterprises in the intelligent networked new energy vehicle industry, and has formed an “8+7+3” industrial structure driven by leading enterprises, namely 8 intelligent networked vehicle innovation platforms such as China Automotive Innovation, Zijinshan Laboratory, and FAW Research Institute, 7 complete vehicle companies such as Nanjing Automobile and Nanjing Changan, and 3 headquarters-level operation platforms such as T3 Travel, Yunmanman, and Yukuai Chuangling, which fully support the full-chain industrial ecology of Nanjing’s intelligent networked vehicles from research and development, production to application.
Today, we will take advantage of the wind and start a new journey. Nanjing will take the approval of the “vehicle-road-cloud integration” application pilot of intelligent networked vehicles as an opportunity to actively promote full-area opening, consolidate infrastructure construction, build a city-level cloud control platform with a unified architecture, build demonstration application scenarios, promote the gathering of upstream and downstream of the industrial chain in Nanjing, and create the country’s leading “vehicle-road-cloud integration” technology innovation, terminal promotion and scale operation three benchmarks.

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