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Project Development


To grasp projects is to grasp development,

To plan a project is to plan the future.

On January 29, according to the Nanjing Development and Reform Commission, in 2023, the city focused on major industrial projects, reserve projects to grasp the transformation, contract projects to start, start projects to complete, according to the monthly “dragon Tiger list”, provincial and municipal major projects have exceeded the annual investment target.

44 provincial-level major projects completed investment in the year reached 116.1% of the annual planned investment, exceeding the annual plan by 16.1 percentage points, all 13 planned new projects have been started, and 2 reserve projects have been started.

491 major municipal projects completed investment in the year reached 104.1% of the annual planned investment, 4.1 percentage points above the annual plan, and 84 planned new projects have all started. Of the 47 projects to be started, 16 have been started, and one of the 63 preliminary projects has been started.

In 2024, the whole city will continue to work together, overcome difficulties, do solid work, promote the early implementation of projects, and provide solid support for consolidating and enhancing the good trend of economic recovery.

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