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Plum Blossom Festival in Lishui


Spring breeze does not leave thousands of miles, overnight full of incense.

Mei good life about Mei Li

2024 Nanjing Lishui Plum Blossom Festival has opened beautifully!

What’s interesting about the scene?

Come and see it with the brigade

01 Plum Blossom Festival release, flower season Lishui kicked off!

“Nothing cherishes me more than the spring breeze, which returns once a year.” 2024 Lishui Plum Blossom Festival with the theme of “Mei Good Life Fragrant about Mei Li”, the main event location is located in Fujiabian Science Park, Honglan Street, Lishui, the event will last until the end of March.

Ten thousand acres of plum garden incense like the sea, ten miles of Merlin people like the tide. This year’s Plum Blossom Festival is a wonderful upgrade, giving you a different flower garden experience.

Creative punch points are more innovative

Into the west gate of Fujiabian Agricultural Science and Technology Park, the eye is on both sides of the red plum surrounded by the endless “plum Avenue”, in the north side of the plum Avenue at the end of the plum blossom and camphor will come to the “plum love tunnel”.

If you come to Lishui with your lover to appreciate the plum, you can stroll around the “Plum Love Tunnel” of Fujiabian Science Park and feel this unique romantic experience in the mountains and flowers.

There is a hand-painted “flower road”, and there are painted plum blossoms on the ground “blooming” on the walk, meaning “flowers born step by step”. Perhaps the romantic encounter starts from here, quickly shout good sisters to “take the flower road”!

“Mei Hao Market” is more distinctive

During this Plum Blossom Festival, a limited flash flash of Spring “Plum Good Market” was created, so that you can taste the taste of Lishui while enjoying the plum, and take away the Lishui gift!


Night plum, open early spring romance

This year’s Plum Blossom Festival creates exquisite art space for flowers, lighting arrangements are carried out in areas such as Poetry Avenue, Meihao Love Tunnel, Meipin Garden, Meihua Square, and Fluorescent Walk to create a new scene of creative nighttime plum appreciation. “Dark fragrance floating moon dusk”, under the light, will bring the unique romance and hazy plum blossom, under the moonlight Fu Jia edge Mei Ling, see, hear, are thousands of plum blossom posture, and full sleeve of dark fragrance.


Gorgeous fireworks, light up the night “plum” scene!

During the Plum Blossom Festival, there are continuous fireworks shows in the Plum Blossom Square on the edge of Fu Jia. The colorful fireworks are red like fire, yellow like gold, white like snow… Painted a beautiful night scene in the sky.

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