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Phaseless business trend: Nanjing will become a major dividend market for China’s ESG industry


ESG is an abbreviation for three letters, namely Environmental, Social, and Governance. In 2006, the United Nations and a large international investment institution proposed to incorporate the quantitative indicators of ESG into the analysis and decision-making of business investment. Anchoring the future, Nanjing is accelerating the creation of a sustainable, livable and exclusive urban business environment for the next era by building consensus on ESG industrial investment.

Many people may not know that the first city in China to publish an ESG report is Nanjing. In 2023, Nanjing released the ESG Sustainable Investment Research Report, which collects massive data from the three major urban environmental fields of ecology, society and governance, demonstrating Nanjing’s unique advantages in green development resources, transformation industrial opportunities and green industry carrying capacity. On October 24, 2023, the China-Singapore Nanjing ESG Industry Development Cooperation and Exchange Conference and Eco-Hi-Tech Island Green Future Industry Forum was held in Nanjing to discuss how city ports and enterprise ports can help and complete the 30/60 dual carbon goals, and jointly create an industrial development path for a green future.

In terms of laying out the ESG industry and creating an ESG investment environment, Nanjing can be said to be one step ahead and has lofty aspirations. According to the results of third-party research, thanks to Nanjing’s excellent performance in environmental, social and governance aspects, enterprises choosing to invest in Nanjing will effectively help their ESG performance increase by more than 5%. This is because Nanjing’s ESG indicators are leading in the country – it is not only a national forest city, a national ecological garden city, but also a national “benchmark city for business environment”. Representatives of many Chinese and foreign enterprises have strengthened their determination to invest in Nanjing through business inspections of Nanjing’s ESG investment environment.

With the participation of more partners, it is expected that more entrepreneurs will embrace the future driven by international trends in the future, and Nanjing will also become a major dividend market for China’s ESG industry.

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