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Payment Service Guide Forinbound Travelers to Jiangsu

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Part 01

If you hold cash of your own country/region

You can directly exchange it for CNY cash

You can directly exchange for CNY cash at bank branches marked with currency exchange signs, authorized foreign currency exchange agencies, foreign currency exchange franchised institutions, and self-service exchange machines. Please consult the relevant bank for acceptable currencies.


Scan the QR code to view the electronic map of payment and exchange services.


Part 02

If you hold a bank card issued in your home country/region

Pay with your bank card

Cards issued in your home country/region can be accepted if logos of UnionPay, Visa, Mastercard, and other payment organizations are displayed at the checkout counter. If not, pleaseask the cashier whether your card is accepted. lf you hold aUnionPay card issued outside China’s mainland, it can beaccepted by any merchant POS terminal in China’s mainland.

Withdraw CNY cash from an ATM

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If you need CNY cash, you can withdraw CNY cash by your bankcard at an ATM with the logos of the corresponding clearingorganizations. Please consult your home bank for the withdrawal limit.

You can download the following APP, Link yourbank card within the APp and Scan the QR code to makepayment at the merchant with the corresponding logo.

支付宝 Alipay

Search “Alipay” in the mobile app Store

1、Using a mobile phone number from overseas or Chinese mainland, click on ” RegisterAccount” and select “International Version”.

2、Click on “Add Now” to enter card binding page and follow on-page prompts to complete the process.

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3. Bank cards with logos below are acceptable.

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4. Scan QR codes for payment at merchants with logo, including catering, transportation, hotels, shopping malls and supermarkets.




Search for “WeChat” in the mobile app Store

1、Using overseas or Chinese mainland mobile phone number to register, itshows the CNY wallet page. Using China Hong Kong mobile phone number to register it shows the HKD wallet page.

2、Go to the card binding page on the message notification page of WeChatPay, or enter by adding a bank card on the wallet page. Select simplified cardbinding, fill in the card information and conduct 3DS verification to complete the process.

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3、Scan QR codes for payment at merchants with the logo, including catering,transportation,hotels, shopping malls and supermarkets.



UnionPay Quick Pass

Search for “UnionPay Quick Pass” in the mobile app Store

1、Use some overseas or Chinese mainland mobile phone numbers to register.

2、Search “Tour Card” , prepare your passport or travel pass and follow the instruction on the page to enter your card application information and fill in the sms varification code. Apply for a Tour Card following on the instruction on the page.

3、Have your bank card ready, tap “Top-up” on the page of the Tour Card and follow theinstructions on the page to top up.

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4、Scan QR codes for payment at merchants with the logo, including catering,transportation,hotels, shopping malls and supermarkets.


Part 03

If you have the following e-wallets

Easy payment with your local e-wallet

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Part 04

If you need more financial services in China

You can apply for a bank account in China

1、Prepare valid identification, such as passports, the Foreign PermanentResident lD Card or otheridentification documents.

2、Fill in the application following the instructions of the bank staff.

3、Provide your own phone number for receiving bank SMS and verification. lf you do not have a mobile phone number, you can also provide your home or company landline number.

4、 The bank will review your application, and open an account for you after approval.


Part 05

If you want to trye-CNY payment

Download and install the “e-CNY (Trial Version) APP” .Register and open ane-CNY wallet using your mobile phone number.

充值 Top up


1、After linking your Visa or Mastercard bank card within the app, you cantop up to pay or pay directly from your wallet.

2、 You can top up the wallet over the counter of the operator with CNY cash. No service charge.

3、Hong Kong users can top up wallet via FPS (Faster Payment System) from local bank accounts.No service charge at present.


支付 Pay with e-CNY

1、Tap the “Scan” button to scan the merchant QR code and complete the payment.

2、Tap the “Receive and Pay” button or swipe up on the wallet page to activate “Payment QR Code” and complete the payment.

3、You can make online payments on platforms such as DiDi, Meituan, Ctrip and Qunar.

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