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Passing by all over the world, I still like Nanjing

I still like Nanjing

Reference Think Tank and World Research Index jointly released a few days ago

“Overseas Social Media Communication Index of Chinese Cities

(May 2024 issue)”

Nanjing is among the best in a number of indices

💪“I still like Nanjing”.Or spread overseas

Top 10 Overseas Social Media Communication Index of Chinese Cities (Chart: Shiyan Index)

The index is monitored from May 1 to 31, 2024, and Nanjing still performs well in the composite index dimension during this monitoring period, showing its strong comprehensive strength in promoting overseas social media communication.

In terms of comprehensive communication

The top 10 cities are:

Nanjing, Beijing, Xiamen,

Chengdu, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Changzhou

Suzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo

Since the first half of the year

“Discover Nanjing”

Overseas social media platforms

Not just publish daily posts

Also actively engaged in enrichment

Online interactive activities

Through the unique perspectives and feelings of foreign friends in Nanjing, it shows their Spring Festival experience in Nanjing, showing Nanjing’s profound history and culture, unique folk customs and vibrant modern urban style.

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