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Park: Open a new bureau, speed up


Pukou High-tech Zone

Establish low-altitude economic innovation and development alliance

Qixia High-tech Zone

Concentrated signing with representatives of 13 enterprises

The Spring Festival is getting closer and closer

As the city’s economic construction “main battlefield” of the park

Hot sprint “off to a good start”

Pukou High-tech Zone

Two-way, surging production only “the force of common progress”

On January 23, the low-altitude Economic Innovation and Development Alliance was established in Pukou District, with the first members including 12 universities such as Nanjing University and Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, as well as 14 research institutes and industry enterprises such as CLP and China Electronics Information Industry Group. The alliance will enable the high-quality development of the UAV industry in Pukou High-tech Zone through policy consultation, resource sharing, information common and talent sharing.

Innovation is the first driving force, and talent is the first resource. As the shortest established high-tech zone in Nanjing, Pukou High-tech Zone deeply implements the strategy of strengthening talents, expands the talent “reservoir” with the integration of schools and places, recruits overseas “advanced and sophisticated” with an international perspective, and matches talents “food, accommodation and transportation” with the best environment. By the end of last year, the park had introduced and cultivated 12 national key talents, 30 provincial key talents, 8 municipal top experts in science and technology, and the agglomeration effect of high-end scientific and creative talents continued to be released.

“Lead School to Park” Activate “Source Water”
Colleges and universities are the most reliable “resource base” and the most hardcore “partner” for Pukou’s innovation and development. Pukou High-tech Zone has cooperated with more than 20 universities in total, taking the industrial chain as the core, promoting the “tailor-made” of talents, and achieving a win-win situation among schools, localities and enterprises. The Institute of Green Intelligent Chemical Technology and Equipment was jointly established with provincial Industry Research Institute and NTU; Jointly build Nanjing University Pukou Industrial Technology Research Institute with NTU, and set up Nanjing University Science and Innovation Empowerment Center (Pukou); Launched a low-altitude economic innovation alliance with China Southern Airlines, linking the resources of 12 universities in the Yangtze River Delta, Bohai Bay and Greater Bay Area… Pukou High-tech Zone builds a platform and channels to drain university talents and activate the “source water” of scientific and technological innovation.

“Go to sea to recruit talents” and build a “bridgehead”
Last year, Pukou High-tech Zone was the first in Nanjing to launch the “Ten International Innovation and Entrepreneurship” to provide full-cycle and full-factor support for overseas talents. Embedding in the global innovation system requires recruiting talent with an international perspective. In order to accurately solve the common problem of “soil and water” of returning entrepreneurs, Pukou High-tech Zone begins to serve from the first step of talent team entry, focusing on the practical needs of talent settlement, enterprise start-up, policy implementation, and so on, and promoting people and cities from “two-way” to “mutual achievement”.

“Tying the heart to keep people” to build a “strong magnetic field”
Focus on both the inside and outside of eight hours. Around the “food, accommodation, transportation, shopping and entertainment”, the park with “watertight” service, thick “far to come, near joy, home safety” talent ecology. The traffic is inconvenient, Pukou High-tech Zone provides free shuttle buses, and opens direct lines to Nanjing South Railway Station, subway station and other important nodes. The rental is too expensive, and last year alone, a total of 790 people and 1.776 million yuan were allocated for housing subsidies.

“Hard power, soft power, comes down to talent.”

The relevant person in charge of Pukou High-tech Zone said that the system is smooth and the mechanism is alive, and the talents are gathered and the cause is prosperous. The park will adhere to the policy of focusing on talents, the financial resources are tilted to talents, and the services are covered by talents, and the vitality of talent development will be transformed into the driving force for industrial advancement.

Pukou Economic Development Zone “two industry integration” won the municipal demonstration

Recently, Nanjing Development and Reform Commission issued the 2023 “two industry integration” development demonstration unit list, Pukou economic development District became the city’s only “two industry integration” development demonstration area in 2023, Jiuwu High-tech, Huatian Technology 2 park enterprises were awarded the annual “two industry integration” development demonstration enterprises.

Since last year, Pukou Economic Development Zone, as the province’s “advanced manufacturing and modern service industry deep integration pilot” unit, based on the integrated circuit leading industry, strengthen the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain R & D design, packaging and testing, scene application and other links of service strength, continue to optimize the intelligent manufacturing, modern logistics, science and technology finance, supporting support and other producer services. Continue to explore a new development path of “integration of the two industries”, expand new space for improving industrial quality and efficiency, and strive to create a pilot area for the development of the province’s “integration of the two industries” integrated circuit industry.

Jiangsu Jiuwu High-tech Co., Ltd. actively explores the new mode of deep integration of advanced manufacturing and modern service industry, and builds the first ceramic film intelligent production line in China by promoting intelligent manufacturing; Build a big data integration and management platform for ceramic film manufacturing industry; Provide overall solutions to help users develop green and high-quality; Establish a comprehensive and diversified service model, comprehensively promote the integration of the two industries, and achieve the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and high-quality sustainable development.

Huatian Technology (Nanjing) Co., LTD

January 16 is the first “Enterprise Service Day” of Jiangning High-tech Zone, the park’s “enterprise service specialist” in-depth enterprise, face to face to understand the operation and development of enterprises, listen to the management problems of enterprises, provide “point-to-point” precise services, further open up the optimization of business environment and enterprise services “last mile”, escort the development of enterprises.

In response to the demands of enterprises, Jiangning High-tech Zone gives full play to the intelligent, information and digital functions of the “integrated service platform”, realizes the reduction of materials, the reduction of links and the reduction of time limits, and speeds up and improves the efficiency of Hui enterprise policy services. For the “online” feedback demands of enterprises, adopt the “order dispatch” mode, coordinate the departments and functional departments of various sectors and matters in the park to jointly handle the demands, achieve the “direct and fast handling”, achieve the “enterprise service 24 hours online, enterprise demands submitted anytime and anywhere”, and complete the internal circulation of the park within 24 hours after receiving orders in principle. In order to ensure that the demands of enterprises are properly addressed, the park classifies and “lists” the demands of enterprises, and sets up 9 “enterprise service guarantee classes”, including financing docking, talent employment, production expansion and investment expansion, which clearly involve the sectors and specific responsible departments to achieve multi-department coordination, so that the enterprise matters are “immediately handled”, and the quality and efficiency of the demands are improved. Create a “business, pro-business, safe business” enterprise service environment.

Qixia High-tech Zone “number and real integration” to promote industrial upgrading

A few days ago, the “New upgrade of the big integration industry – Financial empowerment” Unicorn Gazelle Specialized New “industrial digital development Special event and the first phase of the National Strategic Emerging Industry Matchmaking Meeting in the New Year” was held in Qixia High-tech Zone. Representatives of more than 60 listed companies, unicorns, gazelles, specialized new entrepreneurs and financial institutions gathered together to discuss development and seek the future.

During the activity, Qixia High-tech Zone signed a centralized contract with representatives of 13 enterprises at the scene, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement on financial empowerment with Jiangsu Unicorn Gazelle Enterprise Alliance and Hengfeng Bank Nanjing Qixia Branch, using financial “living water” to continue to strengthen the development support of Unicorn Gazelle · Specialized new small and medium-sized enterprises. Provide a strong supporting force for the enterprise’s scientific and technological investment, talent cultivation and scale expansion.

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