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New commercial development and new opportunities for the drum tower

New commercial development

In recent years, Gulou District has attached great importance to regional commercial development, continuously optimized the industrial structure, promoted the integrated development of business, culture and tourism, and continuously promoted the improvement of investment attraction capacity and the construction of an international consumption center city. In order to further implement the economic work deployment of the central provinces and cities, gain insight into market trends, explore and grasp new opportunities, and accelerate the high-quality development of the business and trade industry, recently, Gulou District held the fifth phase of the “Cadre Learning Lecture Hall” with the theme of commercial development, and invited Zhang Ping, director of the Sichuan Jinlou Economic Service Center, who successfully planned and built organic renewal projects such as Yulin East Road and Guiyang Qingyun Road, to give special guidance.

Focusing on the theme of “New Commercial Development and New Opportunities for Drum Tower”, Zhang Ping systematically explained the new model, new requirements and new opportunities of commercial development, pointed out the importance of urban organic renewal with professional research and detailed cases, and emphasized the need to build a comprehensive management system of “multi-ownership” organic renewal under the premise of industry, business and humanities. From the perspective of key commercial projects in Nanjing, the current situation of the Drum Tower is analyzed, and it is suggested that young people should be the core to carry out ten youth industry services such as think tanks, brands, and science and technology, and strive to create a new business model with cultural power in front of it by revitalizing assets, doing a good job in governance, and doing a good job in organic renewal.

All the leaders of the four sets of teams in the district, the leaders of the municipal management of the Gulou High-tech Zone and the Xiaguan Binjiang Business District, the president of the district court, the chief prosecutor of the district procuratorate, and all the principal cadres of the district management, and the deputy cadres in charge of relevant functional departments and sectors and streets participated in the study. Gao Junling, member of the Standing Committee of the Gulou District Party Committee and executive deputy head of the district government, presided over the lecture.

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