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Nanjing’s second-hand housing is powerful! Hexi sold a set of 33.2 million!

During this period, Nanjing’s property market has been prone to favorable policies, and we have monitored the rapid transaction of second-hand houses, such as the transaction volume of small houses in Hexi, and the house price has risen by three or four hundred thousand.However, everyone is generally cautious and wait-and-see, believing that at most it is “stabilizing” and rising…… It’s still early!But now, a large area of luxury houses in Hexi has been continuously traded in the past two days, and the total price is extremely high!

Jiangwan City Phase 4, simply put, is a real estate that can see “Nanjing Eye + Yangtze River”, which is very rare in Nanjing.Even though there are many luxury houses in Nanjing Bay, there are few real estate projects that can meet this demanding condition.

In fact, the Hexi Riverside (Nanjing Bay), where Nanjing’s luxury houses are gathered, focuses on the integration of CBD, urban resources and the landscape of the big river.
In other words, there are Yuantong business districts headed by IFC and Huacai, surging vitality blocks led by bars, and large parks along the riverThe beautiful scenery of the Jiajiang River, as well as city landmarks such as Nanjing Eye and the Youth Olympic Twin Towers.In a word, the elements of luxury houses in Nanjing Hexi are readily available here.

The sunset filled the sky with an indescribable emotional atmosphere.

Of course, luxury houses are not only reflected in the high unit price and total price of the transaction, but also in the “expensive rent”.

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