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Nanjing’s “flying car” made its first flight!

flying car

Drink a cup of freshly ground coffee
delivered by a drone

Take an “air taxi” to work during the morning rush hour

Take a three-dimensional sightseeing ride in the air



The increasingly hot “flying car”

Let it once only appear in science fiction films

The 5D city magic scene is gradually coming to life

“Flying car”, literally, can be understood as a car with wings, or an airplane with wheels, which can be described as “let the car fly in the sky and let the plane run to the ground”; from a professional point of view, it is an “electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft” (eVTOL) that does not need a runway; figuratively speaking, although it is called a “car”, it is an enlarged version of the drone, the kind that can carry people and goods, and most of them do not have the function of traveling on land.

With the rapid development of “flying cars”.

Our city entered the flying car track

There are more and more car companies, aviation companies, drone companies, etc Ningqi built a “flying car” to complete its first flight

Located in Yuhuatai District, Yiweite (Nanjing) Aviation Technology Co., Ltd., the self-developed electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL) ET9 prototype has recently successfully completed its first flight, verifying the design scheme and realizing the function of the whole system, and the “flying car” has taken a solid step forward in reality.

Unlike ordinary helicopters, it is electrically driven, belongs to clean energy, and is quieter than helicopters, has high safety, is cheaper, and has lower operating costs.
There are also “maps” in the air, and you can’t just fly if you want to

The “flying car” is to operate over the city

There is a need to establish unity

Digital airspace operation management system

Located in Yuhuatai District, Rangu Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd., an enterprise company, is a “one-stop” low-altitude Internet of Things solution provider, and its low-altitude Internet of Things platform can be connected to “flying cars”, nests, drone countermeasure equipment, etc., providing equipment information management, inspection route planning, inspection task management, disposal strategy implementation, Functions such as black and white list management provide all-round support for low-altitude control and application.

Low-altitude travel, like road travel, requires a transportation network. When people walk on the road, where to go, how to go, what path to go, there are map software can check the location in real time, and give travel suggestions, then there should be a “Baidu map” in the air, used to standardize and guide flight activities, “tell” “flying car” where to fly, what line to fly, how to fly safely, but not “fly if you want to fly”.

The company has also developed a low-altitude calculation model, a three-dimensional simulation and deduction platform and a low-altitude comprehensive situation platform, which will work with relevant departments to collect meteorological information, geographic information, historical records, environmental conditions and other related data, and then classify and dispose of them for different applications and airspace. Based on data, the platform can also see at a glance the three-dimensional environment, alarm information, low-altitude equipment, flight application, jurisdiction information and other elements, and can control and change the flight status of the “flying car” online. In the actual operation process, if there are obstacles on the route or the “flying car” does not have flight qualifications, the platform can also drive away and make a forced landing to avoid safety accidents.

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