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Nanjing, the first store economy

V Point of View:

Nanjing, the city of first store economy “attracting fans and flowsMeng Xiangyuan:

The number of first stores in Nanjing ranks first in the domestic “first store economy”.

In 2023, Nanjing realized total retail sales of social consumer goods of 820.107 billion yuan, an increase of 4.7% year-on-year, an increase of 5.5 percentage points from 2022. In this, the first store plays a crucial role.

In recent years, more and more commercial brands first store to Nanjing, the first store economy has become a new driving force to promote business model innovation, consumer market upgrading, Nanjing has also been given by the people’s network of the first store economy “powder attraction” of the city. According to the incomplete statistics of Winning Business Data, in 2023, Nanjing will introduce a total of 308 first stores of various types, including 18 first stores in China, 15 first stores in East China, 119 first stores in Jiangsu, and 156 first stores in Nanjing.

Compared with 2022, the number of first stores in the first echelon of the domestic “first store economy” is steady progress, indicating that the city of Nanjing has a strong high-end consumption power, commercial vitality and consumption potential, and the business environment also has the power of tolerance. With the arrival of the first store and commercial vitality, people are naturally attracted to the city.
Sunshine City Forum:

Population two data, Nanjing double first

The total number of people increase, Nanjing is the first in the province. From 9.423 million in 2021 to 9.491 million in 2022, Nanjing’s resident population continues to grow (2023 figures are not yet available). The reason behind this is simple: people always go to cities with more and better opportunities for personal development and that offer a better lifestyle. As we all know, population is both the productivity of the labor force, the source of innovation, and the market, which can create a large number of food, clothing, housing and transportation needs and a large number of spiritual and cultural needs, which is the kinetic energy of a region’s development. Therefore, the total population of a city often means a huge scale dividend. In addition, according to data from the Jiangsu Civil Affairs Bureau, the number of marriage registrations picked up in 2023 compared to 2022, growing by about 10.08%. In terms of the geographic distribution of resident marriage registrations, Nanjing ranked first in the province in terms of the number of registrations (68,152 pairs). These two firsts in the province are actually an important reflection of Nanjing’s primacy.
Perhaps in the short term, the number of births shows a downward trend, but in the long term, Nanjing has a developed economy, a more complete social security, and can provide a better life scenario that contemporary people aspire to, and the population has a high quality of civilization, a high level of education, and a humane and tolerant atmosphere, so many families nowadays will prefer Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, when they are relocating.
In short, people are the cornerstone of urban development, if there is no large influx of people, especially young people look good, then naturally little urban value. Nanjing in Jiangsu Province has been the head of the choice of talent, future development opportunities and development space is very huge, such a good “city stage”, it is worth people to stay and struggle, become a participant, builder and a good life!
Financial No-Holds-Barred:

Goldfish Spit Fund Neighborhoods Play a “Big Role” as Financial Platforms

Looking around the world, the economic centers of countries are often places where technology and finance meet. The City of London and Wall Street all follow the same logic. Essentially, this is the result of optimizing the layout of productivity. Along the same path, Nanjing is becoming a global economic development plateau, and the JinYuZui Fund neighborhood, located in the core area of Jianye District, is the “river oasis” at the confluence of the two great rivers of science and technology and finance.

From the official inauguration in 2019 to today’s reputable fund neighborhood in the industry, JinYuZui insists on financial empowerment of entities without deviation, and has attracted many science and technology enterprises to take root and germinate here. Obviously, “financial water level” is getting higher and higher JinYuZui fund neighborhood has grasped the essence of science and technology finance, and resonate with the depth of industrial clusters around. Last year, the neighborhood innovatively established a project selection mechanism, which significantly improved the success rate of enterprises in harvesting financing.2023, JinYuZui daily roadshow received more than 730 roadshow applications, of which 214 enterprises passed the screening, and finally 36 projects were harvested for financing, with the success rate increasing from less than 5% to 16.8%.
Focusing on the pain points, blockages and difficulties in the venture capital market, Goldfish Mouth Fund Block insists on letting the living water of finance irrigate the development of science and technology, helping enterprises create social value, and ultimately realizing the improvement of people’s quality of life.
Greater Nanjing Living Circle:

Where is the confidence in Nanjing Jiangbei?

Personally, I feel that confidence is mainly at the level of hardware infrastructure, industrial layout, and decision-making.

Hardware foundation of this we usually say more, expressway, river crossing, conventional road network of these basic transportation progress can be said to be sky-high. Then there is the Nanjing North Station, recently “Nanjing North Station Comprehensive Transportation Hub Collection and Transportation System Planning” was approved, Nanjing North Station is closer to us.

Industrial level Jiangbei also obvious progress, research and innovation park with the same type of science and technology parks in Jiangnan compared to not fall behind at all, whether it is the hardware conditions or other soft strengths are very prominent, research and innovation park as the main body of a variety of chips, integrated circuits, pharmaceuticals, and other high-tech enterprises gathered in the north of the Jiangbei. 2023, three major advantageous industries in the new area, three emerging industries to achieve revenue of more than 500 billion yuan, the national EDA Technology Innovation Center, High Performance Membrane Materials Innovation Center and other “national” innovation platform was approved for construction, 25,000 new market players, visible industry level, the rise of Jiangbei visible and tangible.

Finally, the decision-making level, to my perception of this period of time, the overall team is very modest and calm, and is very willing to listen to the voices from all sides, wide range of advice. A while ago, “service enterprises, project construction, research and production through, investment” four major action mobilization meeting also showed a very high level of decision-making.

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