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Nanjing service, serving the world

Nanjing service

From April 5 to 10, the 115th American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting was held in San Diego, USA. Two research results of Nanjing Enterprise Shihe Gene were presented at the meeting, including the “Jinling Cohort” large-scale prospective natural population. The research results of the early cancer screening project were released to the world for the first time.

Serving overseas and moving towards the world

Recently, the Ministry of Commerce announced

Development of service outsourcing in 2023

Nanjing’s total contract value and execution value for service outsourcing

The two indicators rank first in the country.
Nanjing has ranked second in the country for five consecutive years in the comprehensive evaluation of national service outsourcing demonstration cities. It has been approved as 5 national-level characteristic service export bases. So far, 6 cases have been approved by the State Council for the Development of Trade in Services. The Office of the Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference was rated as a “best practice case” and promoted nationwide.

Very professional! The scale of the “Nanjing Service” industry continues to expand

  • In Indonesia, Whale Technology helped Telkomsigma, a local full-service intelligent information service operator, build a scalable, operable, autonomous and controllable public cloud to provide advanced cloud computing services;
  • In Turkey, the digital platform created by Luculent Intelligence helped Hunutlu Power Plant break “data barriers” and “information islands” and help it become an “Internet celebrity” power plant;
  • In Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, the urban elevated expressway for which JSTI is providing full-process consulting services such as survey, design, construction, and procurement is under construction, which will effectively alleviate traffic congestion from Dhaka to Asuliya… …

Looking at the global map, there are traces of “Nanjing Service” everywhere. Data show that in 2023, the city will undertake service outsourcing with a total contract value of 234.94 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 50.6%, and a total execution value of 154.12 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 15.7%.

The digital management and control platform for smart coal-fired power plants built by Luculent Intelligence and Hunutlu Power Plant was reported by CCTV News. Photo provided by the company

Behind the continuous expansion of the service outsourcing industry

It is the increasing strength of Ningqi

and continuously improved professional service capabilities

In 2023, the city will undertake 134 companies with an offshore service outsourcing execution value of more than US$10 million, and 38 companies with an offshore service outsourcing execution value of more than US$50 million.

40 companies in the city were selected as national-level technologically advanced service companies, and 12 companies including Runhe Software, JSTI, and Pengbo Biotechnology were shortlisted as the top 100 national service outsourcing companies in 2023.

The city’s service outsourcing companies have obtained 120 13 international qualification certifications including CMMI and ISO27001, bringing the total to 820.

Schematic diagram of the smart cockpit of Runhe Software Hospital’s smart logistics management platform. The pictures provided by the company are unique! New business formats and new models

In the middle of last month, Nanjing Pure White Matrix Technology Co., Ltd. brought a wonderful blockchain technology lecture and on-site programming to the students in the class of the University of British Columbia.

In a 3-hour open class, Pure White Matrix used ChainIDE to help students complete the writing of the front-end, back-end and smart contracts of Web3 applications, significantly reducing the marginal cost of development for students and professors.

According to the relevant person in charge of Pure White Matrix, ChainIDE provides cloud compilation functions without tedious installation settings. It provides middleware support for the bottom layer of more than a dozen blockchains such as Facebook Diem, Ant Chain, and Huawei. It is currently the largest developer in the world. Entrance.

Pure White Matrix runs a blockchain technology course at the University of British Columbia. Photo provided by the company

As a “famous software city in China”

Development of Nanjing software and information services industry

Strong “family wealth”

Digital services accelerate overseas expansion

  • As a key information technology enterprise, Runhe Software was selected into the “List of Enterprises for the Integrated Development of Information Technology Outsourcing and Manufacturing” jointly issued by the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology;
  • Three digital service overseas projects of Whale Technology were successfully selected into the “China-SCO Countries Cooperation Case Collection in the Digital Field (2023)”, becoming a benchmark model for international cooperation in the digital field among SCO countries.

China (Nanjing) Software Valley. Photo by Nanjing Daily/Purple Mountain News reporter Feng Peng

In fact, it is not just “digital services”. Nanjing has a total of 5 national-level specialty service export bases and 8 provincial-level service trade bases, covering digital services, traditional Chinese medicine services, intellectual property services, language services, biomedical services, and international services. Fields such as transportation services are unique. More new services and new models of service outsourcing are emerging. “Nanjing’s new advantage” in expanding service exports is taking shape. Good news has come out recently from Nanjing Zhongke Counter-Entropy Technology Co., Ltd. The second phase of the Nanjing Intelligent Computing Center operated by it has been basically completed, with a computing power of 9 billion times per second (hex), becoming an investment in the Yangtze River Delta region. It operates the largest and most powerful national intelligent computing center in the country.

Nanjing Intelligent Computing Center. Photo courtesy of Kirin Science and Technology Innovation Park Dare to innovate! Opening up a new situation in overseas service

The person in charge of Shihe Gene said: Currently, common clinical cancer screening technologies mainly rely on CT scans, ultrasonic examinations, endoscopy and some cytological examinations. These examination methods can usually only screen for a single type of cancer.

Shihe Gene’s “Eagle Eye®” subverts the traditional “one cancer, one screening” concept in the field of tumor screening. It only requires 10 milliliters of blood to screen multiple cancers at the same time and can track the specific organs where tumors occur.

The “Jinling Cohort” tumor early screening project is a large-scale tumor early screening public welfare project jointly launched by Shihe Gene and Jiangbei New District. It plans to provide free early tumor screening services to 100,000 Nanjing residents. The “Jinling Cohort” is also the validation of the Eagle Eye® test in a large-scale natural population prospective multi-center cohort.

With self-developed sophisticated technology

Shihe Gene is based in China and connects the world. Currently, 5 products of Shihe Gene have obtained EU CE certification, and 1 product has obtained breakthrough medical device designation from the US FDA. Its business network has expanded to more than 20 countries and regions including Canada, the United States, Australia and Germany. In addition, Shihe Gene has third-party testing laboratories in Hong Kong, Canada, the United States, and Malaysia, further strengthening its international business layout.

In the new era of digital transformation, new service outsourcing is transforming and upgrading towards high technology, high added value, high quality and high efficiency. More and more high-tech enterprises like Shihe Gene are going global with “high-precision” technologies, making “Nanjing Service” more and more “gold-rich”, “new-rich” and “intelligence-rich”.

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